NorthStar Pressure Washer Powered by Honda

Minnesota-based Northern Tool and Equipment, manufacturer of NorthStar pressure washers, would just as soon have you dispense with the philosophy about finding the right pressure washer for the job ... as far as they're concerned, its about finding the right job for one of their extensive lines of pressure washers!

Northern Tool carries just about everything needed to build and repair things. That's why the CEO and Founder Don Kotula says "Northern is the place where warriors prepare for battle, with tools and equipment as strong as they are." So weekend warriors and commercial warriors alike will appreciate the broad selection of light, medium, and heavy duty NorthStar pressure washers.

Two reasons to buy NorthStar pressure washers may have more meaning in the future than when you first purchase your machine:

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  • You can call personnel at the toll-free product support number where power washers are manufactured: 800-270-0810.
  • Quick-ship on parts orders - All NorthStar™ replacement parts orders ship within 24 hours, in fact, 80 percent ship the same day.

Key features on NorthStar pressure washers are:

Safety Relief Valve

Engineered to be a weak point on the pressure washer, the safety relief valve will open and relieve pressure if the unloader valve fails to function properly.

Quick-Couple Chemical Injector

One of the most common failures in a pressure washer is the chemical injector. The small opening in the part can become blocked with dried soap, causing it to become inoperable. The advantage of the quick-couple injector over the hard-plumbed style is that you can remove it without tools. When it becomes blocked up, and it will, just leave it in a pail of water for several hours and the caked-on chemical will dissolve.

NorthStar Pressure Washer

Non-Marking Hoses

All NorthStar™ pressure washers come standard with a yellow, non-marking hose - no black marks will be left on concrete or other surfaces that have just been washed.

Ceramic vs. Non-Ceramic Plungers

The plunger is the moving part of a pressure washer pump that travels back and forth between rubber seals to create the flow and pressure of a pressure washing system. The material that is used on all industrial grade pumps is ceramic. This material has Excellent properties that allow it to be extremely smooth — extending the life of the seals. Ceramic also does not wear. Non-ceramic plungers will wear and reduce the life of the seals, and are found only on pumps designed for short life.

For specific information on NorthStar™ pressure washers, visit its website .



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