An Alto, Delta or Karcher Portable Petrol Pressure Washer

A petrol-powered pressure washer means portability - one of the chief benefits of using a fuel-powered engine rather than an machine with an electric motor.

If you want a unit with more operating pressure - PSI (pounds per square inch), consider mobile petrol pressure washers - they are designed for cleaning large areas in remote surroundings where no electricity is available. High power washers usually have higher performance ratings, faster cleaning times, and industrial parts and attachments. They offer a convenience of independency and easy maneuverability.

Keep in mind that if you expect the fuel to sit in the tank for more than four weeks, be sure to add a fuel stabilizer to prevent varnish deposits from polluting the carburetor. Popular and reliability engines to power petrol pressure washers include Honda and Briggs & Stratton.

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Leading manufacturers of petrol-powered pressure washers include:

  • Delta - The Delta range of petrol engine driven pressure washers are powerful units suitable for a variety of professional cleaning applications important in contracting, industry and agriculture. A Honda engine provides an extra measure of reliability.
  • Karcher - Industry leader Karcher has several petrol pressure washers, in its commercial and industrial series, many of which also feature Honda engines. Karcher K235D Pressure Washer Plus
  • Alto - Another prominent leader in the manufacture of petrol-powered pressure washers, Alto produces several industrial-grade models fueled by diesel and propane also.

Gas Pressure Washer

For power and portability, you can't pass up a petrol pressure washer.




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