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Pressure washer pumps, spare parts, complete pressure washer replacement pump, pressure washer pump oil, valves, fittings, pressure washer repair kits and manuals maintain performance and save money.

Pressure Washer Pump Designs To Look For. Piston style positive displacement reciprocating “plunger” style pumps prove time and again to be the robust pressure washer pump choice. Select a ceramic pump, for longer life, in either a plunger style duplex or triplex configuration, to move the water through your pump housing the most smoothly.


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Pressure Washer Replacement Pump. Most of the major firms either design a branded pump or recommend a pressure washer replacement pump. You need to match system spec, for example matching a 2500 psi / 2.5 gallons per minute pump with the identical capacity pressure washer replacement pump. Check whether your present model is designed with a pressure washer unloader valve to regulate or “bleed” pressure. Also, check the spatial orientation, fittings, and so on to make sure of a fit e.g. an axial versus vertical shaft. Brands to know about include AR, Cat, Comet, Yamada, Excel Devilbiss, Generac, General and others.

Pressure Washer Pump Parts. Along with pressure washer pump parts including pressure regulating valves or solenoid valves from 3/8 in. to 1 in. plus various fittings, you can system evaluate and easily pick-up pressure washer pump repair kits to completely overhaul your model. Also widely available are inline filters, chemical line filters, and more. Repair it and save money.

Pressure Washer Pump Oil. Regular scheduled maintenance means topping-up or replacing your pressure washer pump oil, along with engine oil.

Performance Pressure Washer Brands To Look For. Long life high performance cleaning means work-efficiency and money-value. Look for pressure washer pump brand leaders including:-

  • Cat Pressure Washer Pumps. Cat pressure washer pumps are engineered for long life, dependability ... for cold water and hot water pressure washer models. New Cat power washer pump models include the 3SP and 66DX. Cat pressure washer pump models also include the gear-box models ... look for 45G1, 50G1, 70G1 or 5CP. Industrial pressure washer heavy duty outputs are met by Cat’s Model 2510, Model 3560 and Model 6811 with pressure washer pump outputs from 2000psi to 7000psi.
  • General Pressure Washer Pumps. The General pressure washer pump Model EZ253GS matched with a powerful Honda engine produces 3.0 gallons per minute flow and 2000psi work water pressure. For more water pressure washer power, step up to the General pressure washer pump Model TS1511, out-puts of 4.0 gallons per minute plus 2500psi. Matched with a Honda engine and generating 8 gallons per minute and 3000psi, the General pressure washer pump Model TSF2021B offers professional grade work power.

Honda Pressure Washer with Cat Pump

  • Excell Pressure Washer Pump. Excell Devilbiss pressure washer pumps and pressure washer parts and accessories are available online at competitive prices from authorized Excell re-sellers.
  • Karcher Pressure Washer Pump. Karcher electric pressure washer pumps include the 1.3 gallons per minute direct drive axial pump Model K216 part #1672-550 ... or move up in power to Karcher K593M producing 1850psi from a direct drive axial aluminum pump. In the gas pressure washer range, look at Karcher G2600VH generating 2600psi ... 2.3 gallons per minute married to a 161cc Honda engine.
  • Generac Pressure Washer Pump. Briggs & Stratton owned Generac produces the Generac pressure washer pump line-up supporting residential-consumer models including Generac Model 1694 out-puts at 1900psi ... Generac Model 1450 offering 2400psi ... and professional commercial pressure washers including Generac Model 1418 rated at 3000psi or Generac Model 1540 powered to 3500psi

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