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When that garden hose just isn't cutting the grit anymore, you may need to kick it up a notch and rent a pressure washer. It can remove grunge from siding, garages, driveways, sheds, fences and decks with a jet of high-pressure water that makes cleaning fast and easy.

More and more gas and electric pressure washer models are becoming available to rent. Most rental stores carry top-of-the-line equipment and the staff should be well versed on the best style for your purpose. Renting may also make more sense for homeowners who don't want the hassle or cost of maintaining a machine that will only get used once a year.

The pressure washer market has been one of the fastest-growing rental equipment choices over the past decade, with growth spurred by an increasing interest on the part of homeowners who have discovered the ease and instant gratification of using these machines.

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With the increasing willingness of do-it-yourselfers to take part in home-improvement projects, the use of pressure washers for cleaning backyard decks and other projects has increased substantially.

The growth of the accessory market has made pressure washers an even more useful tool. As manufacturers develop more accessories, pressure washers become profitable items to stock by rental companies, and popular items to rent for consumers.

Commercial-quality rental washers have also become more user-friendly. Features such as highly portable carts make loading and unloading and movement on the job much easier. Convenience features like tip storage ports, hose racks, lift handles and chemical bucket hooks distinguish high-quality commercial machines from the less expensive homeowner models in the marketplace.

Before renting a pressure washer, the store manager should ask you: Are you using it for home or industrial use? Do you need cold or hot water? Will you need a gas or electric-powered unit? Would any accessories or specialized detergents make your particular job easier?

Pressure Washer

You may find that an electric pressure washer is recommended for a small job where portability is not important. An electric pressure washer restricts the pressure to a maximum of 1500 PSI at 2 gallons per minute because most homes only have a 120-volt wiring system to plug the unit into. Homeowners will rent 2000-to 2400 PSI gas-powered washers when the jobs require more pressure and portability. The gas engine does not restrict where you can use the pressure washer as long as you have a water source.

Rental staff should always remind you that pressure washers are industrial tools, not water guns or toys, and that caution should be used at all times - pressure can penetrate skin and put out eyes, so review all safety features before leaving the store.

Whether you need a power washer and just can't afford to buy, or want to try a product or check out a brand before purchasing, renting is a practical choice that will pay off in the long run.


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