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Simoniz pressure washer design features 1300 psi to 1750 psi pressure washers, perfect for car, truck, house siding, fencing, driveway and deck.

Electric Pressure Washer Performance & Value - Light Cleaning. Pick the Simoniz 1300 PSI pressure washer for quick-cleaning your car, truck, house siding, deck and more. A convenient plug-in electric power washer, the Simoniz 1300 PSI pressure washer is light weight, features ground fault protected 35-foot standard cable. Focused power cleaning gets a kick from the Simoniz turbo nozzle. An auxiliary pressure washer detergent bottle quick-connects when you want to increase your cleaning power.

  • Simoniz 1750 PSI Pressure Washer. Ease of use ... portable pressure washer power and convenience for around-the-home outdoor cleaning. The Simoniz 1750 PSI pressure washer gives you an easy-connect pressure washer detergent siphon hose to add degreaser or detergent to your cleaning. Extra cleaning muscle is produced by the Simoniz rotary turbo wand.

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  • Simoniz 220 SPD Pressure Washer. A perfect car pressure washer, or use it on house siding and fencing, the Simoniz 1750 PSI pressure washer generates a water-cleaning 1.6 gallons per minute flow rate, with pump pressures up to 1759 psi. Your Simoniz 220 SPD pressure washer is light weight, and offers a 35-foot electric cord with ground fault circuit interrupt safety plug, running off a 15-amp line. Quick connect your water line, and the 20-feet of Simoniz pressure washer hose give you the “reach” to easily complete any cleaning job around the home or with your car or truck.

Simoniz Pressure Washer

  • Simoniz 190 SPH Pressure Washer. Safety-designed with a 35-foot electrical cord and a ground fault circuit interrupt plug, the Simoniz 190 SPH pressure washer gives your household cleaning power, flip-of-a-switch on-off ease of use, 1300 psi of working water pressure which can be enhanced by using pressure washer soap from the auxiliary bottle, and high performance cleaning with the wand and turbo nozzle connected to a 20-foot high pressure washer hose.



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