Simpson Pressure Washer ... Cold Water Pressure Washer Performance

Simpson pressure washer performance power washers, cold water and hot water systems, multiple gasoline pressure washer engines, powering at 1000 psi to 5000 psi.

Cold Water Gasoline Pressure Washer Performance By Simpson. Simpson engineering continues to push the "design and performance envelope". No matter what your exterior cleaning needs are ... residential or commercial ... a Simpson pressure washer model will deliver time-saving efficient power cleaning:-

  • "Water Shotgun" Design Series - Power Out Puts. Simpson power washer Water Shotgun series is all about choice ... selecting the gas pressure washer that best matches your job needs. Select from models generating 1500 psi pump pressure with a 3.1 gallon per minute flow rate, perfect for car-SUV or house siding ... to 5000 psi with a 4.5 gallon per minute flow rate, the sort of hard-muscle work power needed by professionals with high-volume cleaning needs.

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  • Simpson Pressure Washer Engine Choices. The gas cold water pressure washer Water Shotgun line offers engines ranging from 5.0 hp Briggs & Stratton at the low end ... to Honda and Vanguard engines in the 9.0 hp to 13 hp mid-range ... to high end Kohler and Honda 20 hp to 22 hp engines.
  • Engineering For Cold Water Work Performance. Simpson pressure washers in the Water Shotgun series are built to perform ... and last! Brass and stainless steel quick couplers ensure long life. Optional stainless steel extends anti-corrosion life. Add to the design industrial grade belts rather than prone-to-wear lighter automotive belts. Aluminum mag wheels and over-size pneumatic tires means that your Simpson pressure washers can reach job cleaning areas with minimal rolling resistance.

Simpson Pressure Washer

Hot Water Pressure Washers By Simpson.

  • Electric Pressure Washer - Simpson SSHW Series. Safety first in the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), 1.5 hp 15 amp electric motor built by Simpson.
  • Hot Water Cleaning Temperatures. Simpson hot water pressure washers in the SSHW Series elevate tank water temps to 180 - 210 degrees F, based on burning fuel oil.
  • Work Water Pressure. 1000 psi pump pressure propels super-heated water and pressure washer detergent combo to your work surface for quick, effective cleaning results.
Simpson Pressure Washer Parts & Accessories. Design leader in the pressure washer field, Simpson offers performance pressure washer nozzles, extensions to reach high places of over 17 feet, rust and paint removal via Simpson wet abrasive sand blasting, conversion vacuum pump system, Simpson hose reels, Simpson power washer detergent, plus all the accessories you’ll ever need for power cleaning



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