Titan Pressure Washer ... Commercial Pressure Washer Performance

Titan pressure washer is built for safe professional grade power washing needs, gasoline pressure washer power rated 2200 psi and 2.5 gallons per minute.

Designing Hard-Working Titan Pressure Washer Performance. South Carolina builtTitan pressure washer Model TPW-2200 carries the Titan engineering imprint, with features including:- -

  • Water Pressure Out-Put. The Titan pressure washer Model TPW-2200 generates pump pressure up to 2200 psi, at a flow-rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.

    Engine And Quick Starts. Well designed recoil start Titan pressure washer 5.5 hp engine, along with standard choke makes for performance stars. Safety tip: only refill gas once your Titan pressure washer engine is cool. Regular engine maintenance prolongs the life of your Titan pressure washer ... changing SAE 10w-30w engine oil when warm.

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  • Using Pressure Washer Detergent. Want to increase your cleaning power? The add pressure washer soap via the dedicated intake line, where the Titan pressure washer Model TPW-2200 mixes it before you apply it to your car, SUV, house siding or fencing, in degreasing applications for equipment, driveways and sidewalks.

Titan Pressure Washer

Titan Press ure Washer Accessories. Besides Titan engine, pump, recoil start assembly and other system components, customers can get replacement Titan pressu re washer hose, pressure washer nozzles, extensions and pressure washer wands.



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