Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers ... Mobile Cold Water Hot Water Pressure Washers

Trailer mounted pressure washers deliver professional grade cold or hot water pressure washer cleaning strength to job sites.

Features & Standard Set Up . Engineering design treatment for trailer mounted pressure washers varies, but here are key design and functional "musts":-

  • "Without" Water Tank. While an engineered "system" approach to trailer mounted pressure washers makes sense, you can buy models that can quick-connect to a suitably matched water tank of your

    "With" Water Tank. Even entry-level trailer mounted pressure washers integrate a 200+ gallon water supply tank with flow rates around 5 gallons per minute supporting high intensity work. Water pressure is brick-biting intense at 3000 psi pressure washer levels and higher.

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  • Safety Features. As you research trailer mounted pressure washers varies, look for safety features, like pressure cut-off valves, insulated trigger guns with safety lock, high pressure detergent feeds, steel angle frame construction, fenders, radial tires, shielded brake lights, surge coupler and more.
  • Single Axle Or Double Axle. Water tank sizes for trailer mounted pressure washers may range from 200 gallons to 450 gallons or more. As a result, engineered steel angle frame construction will come out in either single or double axle construction, with a surge coupler standard. You'll get a safe, smooth ride.

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer

  • Dual Cold Water & Heated Water Pressure Washer. Commercial grade trailer mounted pressure washers are all about cleaning power performance, reliability, durability over many years plus quick-connect options for either cold or hot water power cleaning. Look for a trailer mounted pressure washer with optional cold or hot nozzle hook-up. Look for hose lengths to around 200 feet, plus a 360-degree rotating assembly for unrestricted targeting. Heated water pressure washers will elevate water temps to around 210-degrees F ... but will have thermal overheat cut-out switches.
  • Electric Start. Your standard trailer mounted pressure washers feature engines from 13 hp to 18 hp or larger on up. Quick start is assured with electric assist, battery driven.
  • Weight. Assume that you'll pull your trailer mounted pressure washer with a weight of at least 700 pounds up to or over 1600 pounds


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