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Over their long and varied history, wind chimes have gone from sacred ornaments decorating Chinese pagodas and temple to become the most popular home and garden accessory in the world.

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The earliest wind chimes appeared in China over 3,000 years ago, masterpieces of metalwork and musical tuning that produced multilayered sounds and unprecedented resonance. They were popularized in the West sometime during the late 1800s, when Asian art, design and philosophy began to show a distinct influence in Europe and America. Since then, new materials have been introduced in the manufacture of wind chimes, and today they are available in a wide variety of styles, from metal and wood to bamboo, from glass to sea shell - almost any resonant material can be used to make them. Also, they come in many different designs to reflect any personality, from religious Angel-themed chimes to exotic Eastern and Feng Shui chimes. For the animal lover, there are several different types of animal -themed chimes available. The possibilities are almost endless.

Although we normally think of windchimes as outdoor accessories, like windsocks, there are many indoor varieties of chimes, such as solar or glass. These chimes are perfect to hang in the window, like a suncatcher, or to place on a windowsill. In the practice of Feng Shui, it is important to place wind chimes inside as well as outside of the house, helping to control the flow of Chi inside the home.

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There are several manufacturers of fine wind chimes, each specializing in different styles and designs. Grace Note and Gentle Spirit make high-quality chimes that have a beautiful tone and resonance because of their unique designs. Arias and Music of the SpheresT produce durable, weather-resistant, wonderfully hand-tuned chimes, which can be customized to the buyer's specifications. J. W. Stannard makes hand-tuned chimes inspired by numerous influences, from the natural sounds of birds to well-known musical compositions. Finally, for sheer breadth of styles and sounds, Woodstock is hard to beat, making everything from delicate, gentle-sounding glass chimes to sturdy, sonorous Chinese gongs, and a whole range of traditional metal chimes, based on everything from the Greek pentatonic scale to Feng Shui motifs.

In home and garden decoration, there are few things that can match the elegance and harmony of wind chimes. In addition, they are a good, non-lethal way of scaring off pests from the garden, as well as a way of telling how hard and fast the wind is blowing without stepping outside the house. No matter what the reason, wind chimes have become very popular around the world, and that popularity shows no signs of diminishing any time soon.

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