Arias Wind Chimes - quality aluminum chimes

Arias wind chimes are designed for a long life and exceptional melodic quality. Each one is constructed from anodized aluminum, weather-resistant redwood, and polyester cables, designed and treated for weather-resistance and sturdiness.

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These chimes come in five basic colors: silver, gold, forest green, brown, and copper-bronze. If there is a color you would prefer, Arias will customize one to meet your needs. Special ordering usually takes an additional seven to ten days, depending on the demands of the company, for instance it may take longer if ordered during the holiday season. Keep this in mind if ordering for a gift.

Arias features two lines, Arias and Arias Elite. The every chime in the Arias line is tuned to the pentatonic scale, which practically insures that the purchaser will enjoy the music, for it has been said that there is no combination of notes in the pentatonic scale that is discordant.

Wind Chimes

Arias Elite chimes are tuned to a number of different scales, and range in size from three feet to over six feet tall.

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