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Ankle bracelet styles are varied as they are exciting to wear. Dolphin, gem stone, butterfly, crystal and beaded anklet styles available, produced in gold and white gold, diamond, silver and sterling silver.

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Rich History Of Ankle Bracelet And Anklet Designs

Wearing an ankle bracelet has a rich history since jewelry first emerged as a cultural expression. Once materials were understood and became available to greater numbers of people, adorning your body then became immediately popular and to a large degree unrestricted to styles. However only some anklet styles survived into the modern day, unlike design expressions such as lip disks. Not surprising though, there are many women who wear an ankle bracelet in order to accentuate a wide range of fashion statements. The style options are wide ranging, offering choices to any woman for events from casual to formal. These various styles of wear for one's anklet includes a range from diamond and gem stone, to pearl and beaded ankle bracelet styles.

Ankle Bracelet

Many people enjoy having the sensuous "slight touch" of metal around their ankle. The gold or silver anklet chain has made its way into the workplace where it is a nice fashion touch to a working person's outfit. This style is not offensive, and is worn for the wearer's pleasure. The way that an anklet is worn is based upon your preferences for its location along your ankle. Most people tend to wear a larger form when they are not in the workplace, and more when they leisure in summer such as a beaded anklet, or out on the town on casual less formal outings by wearing an anklet such as a dolphin anklet.

A beautiful way to spice up your ankle is to try a multi-colored beaded anklet. A multi-colored, or even a one colored beaded chain adds fun to your body's fashion statement, and can discreetly compliment whatever you are wearing. Precious and semi-precious gemstones on you beaded anklet can be threaded into your anklet bracelet, however these styles, which also include the gem stone anklet, should not be worn continuously because there is a likelihood that they will either become damaged or potentially unclasped and lost. Pearls on one's anklet may also be used.

Inexpensive rhinestones for one's crystal anklet are used commonly on an ankle bracelet. They have the gleam of the precious gems used in the sapphire ankle bracelet, and the diamond anklet. But these may be replaced at a more reasonable price if damaged or lost. The nice thing about rhinestones is that they can also have charms in the rhinestones that add beauty to an ankle. The Indian bell ankle bracelet is the same idea, except there are multiple bells hanging from the anklet. This ankle bracelet is beautiful, and every time you step the balls chime creating a lively spring to your step.

For people who are looking for a more natural look in their ankle bracelet, you have a wide assortment of hemp jewelry and shells. The hemp ankle bracelet is a natural tone that can either be weaved hemp material, or it can have beads, or stones interweaved in the designs that is used to create a finished look such as an ankle bracelet shell, or peace shell. Shells may also be used in order to create a beautiful bracelet for summer time use.

Most styles have a spring-rind clasp, and have an extender chain which present important options for you to consider before selecting your style of ankle bracelet.


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