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A balance bracelet is designed to trigger more energy. Learn about the ionized Q ray bracelet and Rayma style along with money-back guarantees from online sellers, including low or no shipping cost.

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Healing Properties Of Your Balance Bracelet

Did you ever wonder why a balance bracelet attracts so much media commentary from the "talking heads" as they speculate about the potential health benefits?

It's because the balance bracelet is outstanding at healing and balancing the human body. Knowledge about the balance bracelet has been accumulated since ancient times in the Mediterranean, beginning initially on a small island called Mallorca.

Balance Bracelet

The Rayma balance bracelet is offered by designers in either a clean silver or gold finish with gold spheres at the end of the horseshoe shape. Typically, a Q-Ray bracelet is made from seven metal alloys, and is coated with 18k or 24k gold. The design purpose of the balance bracelet is to help your body get through electro-polarization, in order that your body return to its normal ionic balance. The balance bracelet rayma can affects the nervous system. The balance ionic bracelet absorbs the static electricity that causes changes in the body, like a cat walking across a polartec blanket as sparks fly off. These extra static electricity charges in the human body cause pain, and the balance bracelet has the ability to absorb the static, thereby making you more comfortable. When cells in your body are harmed, they lose energy, which results in pain for the individual. By wearing the balance bracelet, your body can now send the accumulated static energy to the bracelet, which in turn, stabilizes the energy present within your body's cells. This process is called the "auto-induction principal".

Care And Use Of Your Balance Bracelet

To use your balance bracelet , you have to follow specific directions; you cannot just wear it and expect it to work immediately. When you first receive your balance bracelet you have to place it on your right wrist with the two spheres facing upwards, with the spheres no more than 1 ¼" apart. If no difference is felt within the body after 3 days (72 hours), switch your balance bracelet to the left wrist, with the two spheres facing down. Keep in mind that sometimes when you switch your balance bracelet between your wrists too soon, then there can be a mild side effect such as a slight headache. In this case, switch back to the opposite wrist.

When you first receive your Q-Ray bracelet, there are some precautions that you need to keep in mind. The first is that no metal is to come in contact with your balance bracelet new, for it will make your balance ionic bracelet less effective. For example, your balance bracelet should not be placed in your pocket with coins, nor placed in a jewelry box with other metals, nor placed atop any metal surface such as a washing machine for more than several minutes.

Your balance bracelet can be worn anywhere, including the shower or in a swimming pool where chlorine is present. When regularly cleaning your balance bracelet, you should use polishing cloths, dips, or warm water and soap. Your balance bracelet has the ability to last as long as 36 months, depending upon your body's PH balance.


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