Bangle Bracelet - Gold, Silver, Sterling Silver, Diamond, Jade

Learn about the style choices of bangle bracelet, increasingly popular with young and old alike. Bangle bracelets available in gold, silver and sterling silver along with diamond, jade , watch and men's styles.

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Silver, Gold And Even Diamond Bangle Bracelet Designs

Bangle bracelets are worn and loved all over the world. A diamond bracelet offers elegance and beauty. Wear several gold bangle bracelet styles together.

Enjoy the tinkling chime of several silver designs worn together. There are many design possibilities for bangle bracelet jewelry. Your bangle bracelet can be made from gold, white gold, silver or be embedded with diamonds. There may be stones like jade set in the jade bangle. Consider also the different options on how your bangle bracelet should close, or designs which restrict opening.


The bangle bracelet has been loved since the earliest days of human history when raw materials were hammered, carved, or molded into the shape desired by craftsmen working over wood fired furnaces in central Asia. Today there are a variety of different materials that may be used for the creation of your wonderful bangle bracelet. Some of these materials include sterling silver, 14K gold, bone, bamboo, copper, wood, stone and glass . The design potentials are endless.

If you decide upon a gold or silver bangle, then you have the option of having a semi-precious stone embedded into the face of the design. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the choice of which stones you prefer for your bangle. No design concept is too far-fetched or unable to be produced, no matter if you choose diamond , onyx, sapphire, amethyst, topaz and emerald.

Shape Options For Your Bangle Bracelet

When choosing your bangle bracelet, it is important that you take notice of the precise shape, and other little technicalities that your bangle bracelet may have. A bangle bracelet can be a perfect circle, or can have a more oval shape. If you choose to slide your bracelet over your hand, then the best bet for you is the traditional circular shape. If you want to be classier, preferring the less bulkiness of the oval shape, and like the security of a clasp, then the oval shaped bangle bracelet may be the best choice for you.

Another design option to keep in mind when selecting is the girth and breadth of your bangle bracelet. Many people enjoy the daintiness of a thin metal, while others enjoy huge, thick bangle bracelets. You have to decide which one is right for you, and you may even have to consider your interaction with people, or your professional environment and whether it calls for a more discrete bangle bracelet.

In terms of day-to-day care and maintenance, your bangle bracelet is like any other piece of jewelry where you should try to avoid bumps, and scratches, and keep it in the best care possible. Most jewelry should not be worn in chlorinated pools, because the chlorine ruins the metals and certain finishes resulting in a dulled look. If you have a metal bangle bracelet that needs repair or cosmetic touch ups, then take it to your local jeweler.

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