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Discover the history and current design uses for birthstone bracelets. Birth stone charm bracelets capture the symbolism of life, creating a positive lifelong reminder for wearers. Learn about design and materials choices and more.

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Style And Symbolism Of Birthstone Bracelets

The use of gems for birthstones and celebrations of marriage has been around for much of human history. In that spirit of marriage and procreation, birth stone bracelets are unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry to wear and have the capabilities to make a positive turn in your life especially when worn with a positive outlook.

Calendar Birth Stone Bracelets Guide

Birthstone Bracelet

* January: January's birthstone bracelet gem is Garnet. Garnet has the ability to create any color except for the color blue. Garnet is a wonderful stone for a birth stone bracelet because you can choose multi-colored designs.

* February: February's birthstone bracelet gem is Amethyst. Amethyst symbolizes peace, protection, and tranquility. The colors of amethyst for your birthstone bracelets can range from pale lilac to a black or purple color.

* March: March's birth stone bracelets gem is Aquamarine. Aquamarine's ideal color is a sea blue, and is said to aid seafarers, or those who travel by the sea.

* April: April's birthstone bracelet gem is Diamond. The diamond is the hardest gemstone with the simplest composition: common carbon, making the most durable birthstone bracelet gem on the market.

* May: May's t gem is Emerald. The ideal emerald is pure green with a slight blue tint. When cut in the dome or cobochan shape, it is amazing.

* June: June's birthstone bracelet gem is Pearl. The pearl is actually an oyster's defense mechanism. The Chinese called the pearl the "gem of the moon", and is symbolic of modesty, chastity and purity.

* July: July's birth stone bracelet gem is Ruby. The ruby is a durable gem, with a hardness level just under the diamond. A rich red color is ideal for your ruby birthstone bracelet.

* August: August's gem is Peridot. The peridot's nickname is the "Evening Emerald" because under artificial light it glows a brilliant green. This gem was thought to be a powerful amulet against evil and provide sinus relief.

* September: Birthstone bracelets for September use Sapphire. A sapphire stone can come in all colors except for red, which is considered the ruby. A popular ideal color for your sapphire birthstone bracelet is a rich, deep blue.

* October: October's birthstone bracelet gem is Opal. An opal has a wide spectrum of colors, and is why the Romans called it the "King of Gems".

* November: November's color is Citrine. Citrine's coloration ranges from pale yellow to deep red. Citrine was thought to be a charm against snakebites and other venomous reptiles.

December: Birthstone bracelets for December utilize Blue Topaz. The Greeks thought that blue topaz would give them strength, cooled tempers, restored sanity, cured asthma, relieved insomnia and warded off sudden, untimely deaths.

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