Breast Cancer Bracelets For Breast Cancer Victims

Learn about the many designs and styles of breast cancer bracelets. Get a charm or awareness bracelet created in silver, gold or crystal. High quality designs, discount prices from online shop merchants.

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Meaning Of Breast Cancer Bracelets

A breast cancer bracelet conveys meaning and thoughtfulness in a bracelet design that is considered by most people to be only positive and encouraging.

Breast cancer bracelets are a wonderful way to promote awareness and encourage support to those men and women who are either battling breast cancer, or praise to those women who are survivors. The styles for breast cancer bracelets vary, but most styles carry a common meaning regarding awareness and empathy towards the experience of breast cancer as it touches families. Unifying community viewpoints, the breast cancer bracelet is a reminder that the victims and their families are not alone.

Breast Cancer Bracelet

Crystal Gemstones In Your Breast Cancer Bracelet

The Swarovski crystal style of breast cancer bracelet is a beautiful way to acknowledge breast cancer and the unfortunate victims. Most beaded breast cancer bracelets you will find are made by hand. A beaded breast cancer bracelet, when purchased, is most likely designed and crafted by a breast cancer survivor; thereby imbuing the bracelet with a highly charged emotion and vision of purpose. The beads used are usually a combination of Bali beads, pearls, sterling silver and crystals. The variation of breast cancer bracelet styles includes designs bearing inscriptive text as well as others which are free of inscription.. Not surprisingly, selected words found on breast cancer bracelets worn by many people include encouraging words such as faith, hope and courage.
Another way of wearing breast cancer bracelets is to extend its overall design by including a sterling silver circular link toggle bracelet. This style is a delicate way to express your awareness and support. The sterling silver links are beautiful of themselves, and as a visual metaphor represent the support needed by people battling this disease. This toggle breast cancer bracelet offers a variety of different styles for your breast cancer awareness charm. Your choice of charms for your breast cancer bracelet includes large, small, all silver, or silver with a pink touch and more. Weighted versions of this style of breast cancer bracelet are also available for those interested.

Another fashionable way to wear your design is in the form of the Italian link charm bracelet. This breast cancer bracelet comes completely finished with eighteen links, along with a beautifully decorated link bearing a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. This Italian link design is especially nice as both design and message because it is not your typical "starter" link bracelet with 14 links. These breast cancer bracelets are designed and produced ready to wear, and future links can easily be added to suit special occasions if desired. There are additional pink ribbon charms available.

Unfortunately, the lives taken by breast cancer total into the millions of victims. In the 1990's alone, 1.8 million women, and 12,000 men were diagnosed with breast cancer. In the year 2004, an estimated 40,000 women and 400 men will die from breast cancer. What better way to support these people than with a breast cancer bracelet.

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