Cuff Bracelet Designs In Sterling Silver, Leather, Gold

Cuff bracelets combine functionality and style. Get a conventional or custom designed cuff bracelet created in a precious metal or finished leather from service -oriented online retailers offering great bracelet designs and prices.

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The Design Overview of Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets have their own unique style that makes them both functional and secure.

The cuff bracelet has one side open in order for you to slip it over your wrist without actually making the bracelet itself go over your whole hand. A silver or sterling silver cuff bracelet offers a wide range of design possibilities, indeed can also hold many different styles within itself.

Designs And Materials Choices In Cuff Bracelets

Cuff Bracelet

A cuff bracelet can be formed out of a range of source materials including brass, sterling silver, 14K gold, copper, and glass to name a few. In light of the many material choices available, your cuff bracelet can be created in an endless range of styles. A contemporary look with just the sterling silver is a well sought after look. Additionally, you can select beautiful glass cuff bracelets in order to add just enough spunk to an outfit when you're out on the town.

A cuff bracelet should be worn as an accent on your wrist as the wearer. The gold 14K cuff bracelet is a very sophisticated look that can be paired with any outfit. Alternatively, you might consider the sterling silver style cuff bracelet which is equally popular. The high-polished image of the thick band cuff bracelet can be worn for any occasion, and comes in handy when you least expect it to balance or enhance your outfit.

A newer style to cuff bracelets is glass. Gglass cuff bracelets have a beautiful, art nouveaux finish which reveals interior design within the glass. A thin cuff bracelet can also be offered, with furnace or lamp-work glass beads strung on the bracelet. This designer touch is very lively and adds color contrasting to your outfit.

When you choose a metal cuff bracelet, there are many styles from which you can select. The main initial buying factor concerns the width of the cuff bracelet itself. While any width can be created for purchase, you need to understand that a design under ½' is less likely to be very intricate. A larger cuff bracelets can offer you engraved designs anywhere from Aztec symbols, waves, Bali and Asian styles such as dragons onto other mythological creatures, dots, chains and twisted ropes. A cuff bracelet can also taper near the mouth.. This design feature is completely optional, but the tapering effect is being worn more in today's times, therefore making it a popular design option to consider.

The actual design of the cuff bracelet reflects ingenious use of materials and engineering related to the clasp design. Instead of having to worry about the clasp breaking, or falling off your wrist, the cuff bracelet is completely secure, as well as very pliable as it accommodates the wide range of customer size needs, yet is also very strong and durable for a life time of rewarding use.

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