Why Diabetic Bracelets Are Critical To You

Any person with a pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes should consider a diabetic bracelet to alert others of their condition.

Find, Compare, and Buy a Diabetic Bracelet

Diabetes bracelets are very important as an information resource regarding your medical condition when you are unable to communicate with emergency personnel.

If in the event you were not wearing a medical ID bracelet and suddenly went into insulin shock, or experienced an adverse reaction to other medicines you make have been ingesting, or were unconscious, then you may not receive the correct medical treatment for your needs.

Typical Diabetic Bracelets Designs To Consider

Diabetic Bracelet

Diabetic bracelets are designed with a primary functional attribute, namely to communicate factual and current medical information about the wearer's health. Accordingly, as bracelet designs go the diabetic bracelet does not include a wide range of styles and fashion statements due to the over-arching concern to convey health rather than style. A diabetic bracelet closely resembles a medical ID bracelet, except the medical history details specifically relate to a person with diabetes. A common diabetic bracelet design will feature no other information engraved on the ID portion of the bracelet except the word "DIABETIC". On the front side of a diabetic bracelet, the medical apothecary symbol is raised and in bright red.

Diabetes bracelets are made out of hypo-allergic stainless steel in order to reduce the risk of rejection or allergic reaction or skin irritation. Usually, the sizing of your diabetic bracelet starts at 8 ½", and can be adjusted to fit any size by removing or adding links if desired. With the purchase of your diabetic bracelet, an emergency medical identification card is included. This card should be placed in your wallet as a back up in the event that an emergency arose and you were not wearing your bracelet, or it had broken during an emergency. If you know a child who needs a diabetic bracelet, you are in luck as the sizes of the molded plaque portion come in adult and child sizes so that everyone can be safe in the time of an emergency.

Larger size diabetic bracelets offer more space for more medical information to be inscribed. Information can be added either onto the back side of your diabetic bracelet, or on a separate ID card for your wallet. Information such as your need to wear contacts, your personal blood type, your primary emergency contacts such as your first of kin, or physician, whether you are an organ donor, and more. Your inscription might also read "see wallet card" which can be inscribed into your diabetic bracelet

Wearing a diabetic id bracelet is a matter of personal choice, based on how you view your health profile and current risks from diabetes. By wearing it however, you'll obtain peace of mind in your family, friends, and most importantly yourself. Security is at it's maximum, and you can feel comfortable that you will receive the correct treatment for your illness without doubt in any person's mind whether it be medical personnel or yourself.

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