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An Emerald Bracelet To Enhance A Woman's Beauty

What woman would be able to resist the beauty and splendor of a dazzling emerald bracelet ?

An emerald bracelet is luscious in color and a beautiful complimentary accessory for an outfit for a night on the town. Emeralds are rare gems that are eye catching and gorgeous. The deep green of an emerald is bursting with brilliance and life.

Emerald Bracelet

Most styles of emerald bracelet, including emerald tennis bracelets, on the market today are paired up with a gleaming diamond. This is because the deep green hues of the emerald are more noticeable when set next to a mineral that is near to transparent or seemingly colorless. These emerald and diamond emerald claddagh bracelet styles are all the rage everywhere in the world. Other gems that are paired with an emerald bracelet include ruby and sapphire as popular choices. An emerald bracelet can be set in any precious metal, but the more popular kinds of metals are gold or silver. An claddagh emerald bracelet made of gold has a more upstanding higher-class sophistication, while ddesigns set in white gold or silver has a more contemporary look.

Selecting A Diamond And Emerald Bracelet - Stone Purity

When choosing your diamond and emerald bracelet, it is important to know how to choose an authentic emerald. An authentic emerald should be very vivid in coloration, and most of the time has small inclusions or markings within the gem. An inclusion is a small birthmark in the gem that resembles crystals or a flower or some type. Unlike diamonds though, inclusions in an emerald will not devalue your emerald bracelet.

Emerald mines have been active all around the world since before Egyptian times. The most prosperous mines today are based in Colombia, where there are over one hundred and fifty mines for mining emerald for jewelry such as earring, pendants and beautiful emerald bracelet styles. However, not all of these mines are active today, but the most well known mines within Colombia are the Muzo and Chivor emerald mines. Remarkably in pre-Colombian times, these mines were being mined by the Incas of South America.

The largest emerald ever mined, was found in 1695. The emerald, nick named the "Mogul Emerald", weighed 217.80 carats, and was 10 centimeters high. When auctioned off at Christie's in London, one side of the emerald was inscribed with prayers, and the other with flowers. The Mogul Emerald sold for 2.2 million U.S. dollars.

Caring for your emerald bracelet is not like caring for , say, a copper bracelet. An emerald is a very fragile, brittle gem that should avoid shock. While wearing your emerald bracelet, be careful not to hit the bracelet into any object, or place it within cleaning fluids. To clean, avoid hot water, and clean with warm soapy water. Rinse, and pat dry.

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