Rose Gold Bracelets - White Gold Charm Bracelet Designs

Gold bracelets styles may include a charm, shell, or id tag. Design layouts include cuff, bangle, anklet and chain. Colorations for your gold bracelet may be anywhere from yellow, white gold, to rose colored.

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Health And Attitude Benefits From Gold Bracelets

Rose gold bracelets can be worn to increase vitality, prosperity and to bring good luck. Amongst the major mineral elements gold is considered to be a rare, precious metal.

When product designers take their design concept to the form of a white gold charm bracelet, then they're referencing thousands of years of human culture and preferences for jewelry as a vehicle for expressing not merely social status, but a gold charm bracelet carrying evocative and metaphorical story telling properties.

Gold Bracelet

When selecting white gold charm bracelets and investigating its authenticity, you should look for a designer trademark on the inside of the band. If no such designer trademark is embossed on the alleged gold charm bracelet, then you should look for another gold bangle which bears proper trademark insignia. The trademark on gold charm bracelets should be near the clasp, and next to the carat quality insignia. The trademark on a man's gold bracelet, or any type of gold bracelet including rose colored, will be designated as the designer-manufacturer's name, symbol, or initial.

Caring For Gold Bracelets

What about use and care and maintenance for your gold charm bracelet? For example if discoloration begins to show on your gold charm bracelet, then the likely "culprit" or cause may include your makeup, body perspiration, or chemicals such as chlorine. You should realize that cosmetics contain compounds that are harder than gold, causing the gold on gold cuff bracelets to scratch or fluctuate in color as the surface oxidizes due to surface chemical activity. Perspiration can also cause gold bracelets to corrode, due to the potentially acidic nature of body oils and minerals excreted through the skin. Amazingly, when you perspire, you produce a chemical that has the ability to corrode a 14k gold charm bracelet.

The properties of gold exploited by designers are astonishing. Gold has a melting point of 1945 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1063 degrees Celsius, making it relatively easy to use in jewelry. Gold is beautiful by itself and flattering to you when made into gold bracelets. What gets viewer attention is the reflectivity property in gold which makes the lustrous deep yellow color associated with a beautiful gold charm bracelet. Gold does not rust, tarnish or corrode on your fine jewelry pieces such as necklaces. The scale of market demand for gold jewelry products each year is mind-boggling! An estimated 125,000 tons of gold is mined in order to design and manufacture jewelry items such as gold rings, gold necklaces, or gold bracelets.

Pure gold is rated at 24K (karats). Pure gold is not used to make jewelry such as gold charm bracelets or rings because it is too soft and does not retain its shape. The most common level of gold in gold bracelets is 14K. However, a 14k gold bracelet lacks the deep yellow color, and shine. Gold is known to be a soft pliable metal, made popular and very valuable because of its scarcity. The atomic symbol for gold is Au. Although found in many places, gold is difficult and expensive to extract. Gold can be usually found in rivers, seas around the world, and within the earth's crust. Great deposits of gold continue to be exploited in regions including Asia, Africa and South America.

How to clean your gold bracelet: To clean jewelry, a jeweler's cloth is recommended to shine your gold bracelet. A cleaning solution, which is 1 part ammonia, and 2 parts water, may be used to clean a gold charm bracelet and other gold items. Never use this mixture directly on pearls, turquoise, or soft gems which may be designed or imbedded into a gold bracelet as these gems stones will be damaged by the chemical interaction, leaving the surface dull.

United States Markings Parts Gold Gold % European Markings
24K 24/24 100% 1000 or 999
22K 22/24 91.7% 916 or 917
18K 18/24 75.0% 750
14K 14/24 58.3% 583 or 585
10K 10/24 41.7% 417

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