Hawaiian Bracelets And Dolphin Bangle Bracelets

Hawaiian bracelet designs in silver and gold! Replica heirloom and dolphin Hawaiian bangle designs reflecting the allure of the islands and surrounding ocean and beach settings.

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Hawaiian Bracelet Designs For A Touch Of Paradise

The touch of the islands is in the authentic Hawaiian bracelet styles of Hawaii.

Extravagant designs of the plumeria flower adorn many of these Hawaiian bracelet styles. The Hawaiian bracelet is a one of a kind piece that should be worn with elegance and style.

Hawaiian Bracelet

The Hawaiian silver bangle bracelet is an heirloom which can be ordered to suit your exact tastes and needs. Engraving on your Hawaiian bracelet is an option to consider, and is generally encouraged in order to further personalize the bracelet for you. The Hawaiian bracelet not only offers engraving in English, but also in the Hawaiian native language. If you want your Hawaiian bracelet to be in another language other than English or Hawaiian, that can also be arranged by way of your instructions to the jeweler or wholesaler or online merchant. No matter what language the Hawaiian bracelet engraving takes, the beauty shines through and it will be a wonderful adornment to a person's wrist.

The engraving on the silver or gold Hawaiian bracelet can be either on the outside of the ID, or on the inside, depending upon your preferences. When engraved on the outside, the background that is chosen is very original and reproduces a visual highlight of life on Hawaii. The standard background for the Hawaiian bracelet ID section is a sand background. The sand background can be substituted by a chip chop background if you prefer.

A silver plumeria Hawaiian bracelet has 3-D diamond cut plumeria flowers in place of the usual chain that is seen so often in any places other than Hawaii and its sister islands in the archipelago. However, there is a beautiful link chain that may be put in place of the plumeria flowers, that is equally as beautiful. These bracelets can be made of 14K gold in either yellow or white coloring, or made of sterling silver.

Heirloom And Dolphin Hawaiian Bangle Bracelet Designs

Another version of the Hawaiian bracelet is the heirloom bracelet. The heirloom Hawaiian bracelet is a bangle style bracelet with raised embossed metal design instead of engraved. Due to the more complex engineering, the heirloom Hawaiian bracelet is a little more costly than other bracelet designs. The Hawaiian bracelet heirloom also offers an ID tag on the front, with the same options for the background being either sand or a chip chop style. The main band of the heirloom Hawaiian bracelet reveals the primary design that you'll see, with design motifs like the plumeria flowers.

The Hawaiian bracelet heirloom has many different scroll styles to choose from for the main part of the design. Some of the styles of the Hawaiian bracelet scroll involve vegetation which includes engraved plumeria leaves in both long leaf and short leaf versions, orchid flower, mailee leaves, and double leaf versions. Wildlife is also used in the scrolls for the Hawaiian bracelet. These scrolls consist of dolphin and turtle designs, birds of paradise, and an ocean "mukai" design. These Hawaiian bracelet motifs can also have diamond inlay areas for those of you who would appreciate diamonds, or other precious gems in your jewelry.

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