ID Bracelet - Medical ID Bracelets For The Entire Family

An ID bracelet is for personal and medical use. Many styles of medical ID bracelets are created for men, children, and babies in gold, leather and silver.

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Selecting Your ID Bracelet Design

In selecting an ID bracelet you can choose from a wide range of styles that will resist the fad-like quality of other fashion jewelry because a name cannot be forgotten.

The gift of an ID bracelet is a wonderful act of remembrance between two people. Both men and women alike can wear an ID bracelet. Many design and finish options for ID bracelets are possible, and a customized ID bracelet can be made by local jewelers or online jewelry specialists.

ID Bracelet

ID bracelet styles are based on their long-term holding power and resistance to short-term popular fads. The names on the solid ID section of the bracelet are always custom engraved. Engraving is also possible for the underside of the ID bracelet in order to capture a message or date that is important to you and your friend. Because engraving is customized and permanent in nature for a jewelry piece, like an ID bracelet, it cannot be changed. Customization and the resulting highly personal quality of the ID bracelet is the feature which sets it apart from other bracelet designs. An ID bracelet will always be cherished, and holds a memory that cannot be changed.

Metal Finish And Design Choices For Your ID Bracelet

The precious metal choices for your medical ID bracelet may include some of the following metals: sterling silver, 9K gold, 22K gold plating, or white gold. These precious metals withstand the wear and tear and stress of every day life, making them desirable metals for your ID bracelet. Different chains may be chosen for your ID bracelet. Some of these links styles include the close curb chain, beveled curb chain, figaro chain, ring chain and box chain. These chains can be set with cubic zirconium or diamonds if desired in order to create an even more stunning visual effect for your ID bracelet. Gold, leather and silver chains are popular.

Your typical man's gold ID bracelet not only holds its emotive value but it also generally reflects robust craftsmanship. Most clasps for an ID bracelet feature either a trigger clasp or a bolt rig fastener. These clasps ensure the safety for your ID bracelet so that you don't mistakenly lose it. When measuring your wrist for your ID bracelet, always add one inch to the measurement to provide yourself with the best comfort.

When you order your child ID bracelet, or your personal medical ID bracelet, keep in mind the length of your desired engraving and how the finished bracelet will look. Most ID bracelet companies can accept up to 25 letters. If choosing a type print for the engraving of your ID bracelet, it is good to know that letters such as y, g, and j, in their lower case form can affect the height of the inscription. Words like "Kerry" and "Greg" would be affected by this design consideration. The practical solutions to this problem are either to have the writing put in capital lettering or to create the writing in cursive.

Caring for your ID bracelet is much like caring for any other piece of silver or gold that you may own. Try to stay clear of chlorinated water, and keep your ID bracelet either in its own cloth jewelry bag, or in a separate compartment in a jewelry box. By keeping your ID bracelet in its separate jewelry bag or box, you prevents unwanted scratches and tarnish to build up.

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