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Italian charm bracelets are the fashion rave in America and Europe. Learn about the major choices in Italian charm bracelet designs plus key brands including Zoppini and Nomination.

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Italian Charm Bracelets Charming Europe And America

Italian charm bracelets are the latest rave in Europe. Now wholesale Italian charm bracelet supplies are hitting US retail stores.

The 18kt gold Italian charm bracelet or polished, stainless steel, is not only beautiful, but also incredibly versatile in terms of your wardrobe options. The silver Italian harm bracelet is designed and constructed to hook the charm onto a stretchy bracelet that allows you to pop on or pop off your Italian charms. In terms of appearance, an Italian charm bracelet is flat, unlike the old-school clip-on bangle bracelet, and they make an outrageous fashion statement for the fashion conscious.

Italian Charm Bracelet

Italian charm bracelets offer people an unique expression. The best part about these modular bracelets is that you can design the link bracelet yourself. By purchasing separate charms, you can add onto an existing Zoppini Italian charm bracelet, or even change the charm to fit your mood. A person has the capability to create his or her own style and identity by personalizing their own wonderful Italian charm bracelet.

Manufacturing Standards And QC For Italian Charm Bracelets

The charms on an Italian charm bracelet are designed and manufactured under rigorous quality control conditions. Not only is the charm bracelet appealing to the eye, but also a links can vary depending upon the materials used in its construction. The individual charms for your charm bracelet offer many different styles to choose from. A link bracelet can offer all different styles, ideas and interests as individual charm subjects. You can order a pre-made charm for your Italian charm bracelet, or have the charm custom made to suit your needs. Additional design possibilities for a link bracelet include charm options such as letters, birthstones, and holidays, as well as laser printed pictures of favorite actors and actresses or animals placed on your bracelet.

For Disney fans, there are special Disney charm bracelet links, which include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Winnie the Pooh. Additionally, your Disney charm bracelet can include characters such as Cinderella, Snow White, Donald Duck and friends, Peter Pan, and the Lion King, and many more to enhance the personal style and impact of your Italian charm bracelet.

When purchasing an Italian charm bracelet, there are few things that you need to know. Women can buy Italian charm bracelets in three main sizes. The smallest Italian link charm bracelet size contains 17 links. The medium size has 18 links. The largest Italian charm bracelet charm link bracelet contains 19 links. Of course, these sizes may be adjusted depending on the size of the person. Prices for your Italian link bracelet vary. Prices for your Italian charm bracelet rise dramatically if precious stones or metals are used

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