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The beauty and purity of a jade bracelet is stunning on any person who desires to wear and project the radiance of jade. The deep colors, and penetrating radiance of jade has been used for centuries, and not just as an ornamental stone, but in every day uses as well.

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Jade was greatly valued in Asia, and because of this the Chinese have mastered the art of working with jade to manipulate the gemstone into intricate jade bracelet designs according to what the artisan desires.

When choosing your jade bangle bracelet it is important to know the type or rank of the jade in your Chinese bracelet. There are three types of jade that may be used in your jade bracelet; these types are Type A, Type B, and Type C.

Jade Bracelet

* Types And Grades of Jade Bracelet Stones:
The Type A grade of jade used for the creation of a jade bracelet is done the traditional, standard way. This way of curing jade is internationally recognized, and considered "natural". The jade is washed down with plum juice, and then polished with beeswax.

The Type B grade of jade for your jade bangle bracelet is treated differently. Type B jade is chemically bleached to remove any visible impurities in the stone, then polymer impregnated to enhance the translucency in the stone.

The Type C grade of jade used in a jade bracelet is chemically bleached to enhance the color, much like Type B jade, but the jade is then dyed to greater enhance the color. Overtime though, this method of preparing the jade becomes discolored, and the brilliant coloration of the stone is unable to retain its natural beauty.

Jade Bracelet - Stone Tone COlor And Clarity Factors

When deciding on the jade for your jade bangle bracelet, it is also important to be able to identify the right stones by your knowledge of tone, color and clarity of jade. The tone and color of your jade bracelet should be a penetrating and vivid green. The clarity of your jade bracelet can vary from virtually transparent, to opaque. The ideal choice of clarity for your jade bracelet is clarity like that of honey.

In ancient times, a Chinese jade bracelet for fashion and stylistic expression was unimaginable due to the day-to-day practical utility value of jade being used for the creation of scrapers, axes, and other miscellaneous weapons. Until the metal-working technologies associated with the bronze and iron ages occurred, jade was the strong stone and material of choice for every day uses.

Today jade can still be found, although its abundance and market demand does not compare to the earlier halcyon days. Jade mined and then processed for your jade bracelet and other jewelry is typically found in Rhotan, Yarkland, and the mountainous Western China regions bordering on Mongolia and the Asian steppe region. As Chinese designers have known and promoted for centuries, a Chinese jade bracelet with jade symbolizes peacefulness, vitality and appreciation. Ancient wisdom and tradition hold that if the right person wears a jade bracelet, then that precious gemstone will actually brighten over time, making it more brilliant.

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