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Access fashion-cool leather bracelets online. Learn about leather bracelet design options including ID styles, along with cuff, braided and slide styles.

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Leather Bracelets - Real And "Faux"

Leather bracelets are a trendy way to sport either real or "faux" leather in your fashion gear.

Leather is a very reliable material, however becomes distressed over time, accordingly can create a fashion statement as well as "new" leather. A leather bracelet is fashionable for almost any occasion. Leather bracelets can be spruced up to fit very formal occasions by adding semi-precious stones and other materials to your design.

Leather Bracelet

Leather bracelets
can be worn on their own, or accompanied by other materials and stones. Leather on it's own makes for a very natural leather bracelet look. A leather bracelet without additional embellishment can come in many colors and surface finishes. Some men and women like leather bracelets to have the "distressed" look. A new way to wear leather bracelets is to have a large leather wristband with a leather cuff over it, creating a 3-D effect on your leather bracelet. Leather bracelets also look great when there are two different color or surface tones. The two toned leather bracelet styles are very complimentary to most outfits and fashion statements, especially good looking when incorporated into a man's leather bracelet.

Full Color Pallette Used In Leather Bracelets

Leather designers utilize the full color palette when designing leather bracelets. As a result, a leather bracelet can be black, brown, tan, or any other dyed color the wearer likes. If you purchase a leather bracelet that is braided, you could even get the different strands different colors for some diversity for your wrist. Leather is a material that lends itself to creative leather bracelet styles. Leather bracelets can now even contain dazzling semi-precious stones. Some styles can even work at a very classy gathering or outing. In Italy, leather bracelet styles are being offered with colored cubic zircons. These leather bracelet designors have reached a whole new level in leather design and construction.

Braided leather bracelets are a very complimentary background to beautiful stones like turquoise and onyx. These types of leather bracelet fashion products are offered mostly as rustic looking and handmade fashion garments, and are usually strung with a gold filled wire.

The plain leather bracelet approach can still be taken, and still contain some stylistic flash. Designers are now making a leather bracelet slide that has slide charms that can be slid right onto your bracelet, based on the sizing that you prefer. Charms are also being offered for your leather bracelet which can include hearts, a cross, a flower, and letters and more.

Most leather bracelets offer a snap closure clasp. This snap closure clasp can be a single clasp, double clasp, triple clasp, or more depending on how long your leather bracelet may be. Buckles are also reliable clasps used with leather bracelets.

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