Magnetic Bracelets - Copper Magnetic Bracelet For Therapy

Discover the potential health benefits from magnetic bracelets including pain relief and muscle relaxation. Get a bead or copper magnetic bracelet for health and therapeutic reasons as well as for golf and other sports.

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Healing Prowess From Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic bracelets have captured rising media attention for their alleged health-enhancing properties.

Healing properties associated with copper magnetic bracelets are found in countless anecdotal accounts. In weighing up the possible effects, both positive and negative, you'll consider whether magnetic bracelets have any 'down side" effects. In Asia as well as America and Europe, magnetic therapy is gaining traction in terms of public awareness, now that people more willingly accept it, and acknowledge the potential beneficial health effects.

Magnetic Bracelet

Viewed strictly in the normative context of beauty and personal looks, a magnetic bracelet can be worn today either as a fashion statement, or for health reasons, regardless of your age.

Style And Finish Options For Your Magnetic Bracelet

Your magnetic bracelet can come in a variety of styles. The more common magnetic bracelet is in the horseshoe shape. However, a magnetic bracelet can now also come in the form of a link bracelet, a chain bracelet, and can even have 14k gold plated on the outside. If you wish to make your magnetic bracelet classier, there is also the option of including semi-precious stones into the design mix, along with hematite stones. Gold styles are increasingly becoming more and more popular.

The reasons for using magnetic bracelets include pain relief, muscle relaxation, acupuncture-like affects, anti-inflammatory affects, improved healing, wound care, menstrual pain, arthritis, headaches and many more. Magnetic bracelets can be very useful for a person, because it provides a natural way of healing that is often overlooked by conventional "disease care" medicine. A magnetic bracelet, at the right strength, can speed healing processes by increasing blood flow, and causing oxygenation of blood.

To determine the effectiveness of your magnetic bracelet, it is important to keep in mind the width and strength of the magnet. The width of your magnetic bracelet determines the area that benefits from the bracelet. The strength of your magnetic bracelet determines the depth penetration of the magnetic force. Price should be your last concern when purchasing your magnetic bracelet; if there is a less expensive design you are thinking of buying, then re-direct that money towards a more expensive one that is not so weak. In general, the wider stronger magnetic bracelet offers greater therapeutic potential than smaller weaker designs.

When choosing your magnetic bracelet, you will find there are a variety of metals to choose from including copper, stainless steel and titanium. The more commonly used metal for your magnetic bracelet is commonly copper. Titanium is also very popular because it is very lightweight, does not scratch easily, doesn't tarnish, and has a platinum-like gleam while still providing the magnetic benefits of your magnetic bracelet.

How to clean your magnetic bracelet: To clean your copper magnetic bracelet, any brass or metal cleaner can be used to polish. A greenish color may appear on your wrist while wearing a copper magnetic bracelet. The green color is copper being slowly dissolved from the copper magnetic bracelet, and can be easily washed off. For those who are wearing copper for arthritis pain, the presence of the greenish color indicates absorption, which is the primary desired effect sought by people wearing a copper magnetic bracelet.

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