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Check out sophisticated man's gold bracelets. Select your man gold or silver bracelet in 14 carat or white gold, and embellish with diamonds.

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Long Lasting Fashion With A Man's Silver Bracelet

A man's silver bracelet is an excellent choice if you are purchasing a bracelet for the man in your life. A man silver bracelet is much like the women's silver bracelet, except for the width of the band. As the primary precious metal-of-choice, silver offers a variety of different styles to choose from for your man silver bracelet.

When purchasing your man bracelet it is important to look for an imprint of the jeweler on the clasp or back side of your bracelet. A man's gold bracelet transcends momentary fashion tastes and will always remain in style.

Men's Gold Bracelet

Whether designed in gold or silver, your man bracelet is offered in many different sizes and styles. Styles for a man silver bracelet can range from being a linked bracelet to a chain bracelet.

Cleaning And Maintenance Guide For Man's Gold Bracelet

When cleaning your gold or sterling silver man bracelet, it is important to avoid tarnishing by keeping your bracelet in it's own separate cloth bag, or keep it in a separate compartment within a jewelry box. Never clean your man silver bracelet with a toothbrush, because there are tiny abrasive granules within the toothpaste that break away the outer silver surface of your bracelet. Polishing cloths and liquids may be purchased to shine and buff your man silver bracelet. These goods may be purchased at a nearby jeweler or other variety stores.

The intrinsic value of your man's gold bracelet is the underlying value of the gold itself. Gold is difficult to extract and, along with fluctuating commodity and share prices, causes its price to rise spectacularly at times. However despite economic flucuations, a man's gold bracelet may be worn to increase prosperity, vitality and bring good luck to the wearer.

It is always important to look for a trademark somewhere on your man white gold bracelet in order to confirm its authenticity. If there is no jeweler's trademark, then you should look for another man gold bracelet. The trademark includes insignia data ranging from a name, initial or symbol or more.

The lustrous deep yellow coloring of a man gold bracelet is the proof of what makes a bracelet desirable. Gold used in a man gold bracelet will not tarnish, rust or corrode in any fashion. The more common amount of gold is 14K. However, a higher quality than 14K may be used, but the increased "value" also carries increased risk of damage to your man white gold bracelet due to the softness of the metal.

To clean your bracelet, use a cleaning solution, which is 1 part ammonia, and 2 parts water, as traditionally used to clean other gold items. It is also important to keep your man gold bracelet in it's own separate cloth bag in order to avoid scratches to avoid the possibilities of scratches and discolorations.

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