Men's ID Bracelet For A Lifetime Of Use

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give the man in your life? A man's ID bracelet is an exceptionally good gift. A man's ID bracelet lasts a lifetime, because the engraving of the name makes it no one else's but his own. A name is forever, and so is your man's ID bracelet. See the many online resources for high quality fashionable men's ID bracelets. Gold, silver, sterling silver configured in all varieties.

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A man gold ID bracelet is a link or chain bracelet that has a metal plate directly in the center for the purpose of engraving into. A name may be used, or a three-letter initial may be engraved into the topside of the plate of the man ID bracelet. On the underside of your man ID bracelet, you may get a date, or message that may be of some importance to the person, or the two of you.

Men's ID Bracelet

Design And Precious Metals Options For Men's ID Bracelets

Many different metals are offered for the production and personalization of your man ID bracelet. Some of the metals that are used for a man ID bracelet include sterling silver, 9K gold, 22K gold plating, 14K yellow gold, and 14K white gold. The different styles of man ID bracelet chains are as follows: close curb chain, beveled curb chain, figaro chain, ring chain and box chain. These chains are desirable, but for a man ID bracelet, thicker versions are also available in order to add masculinity and weight to your bracelet.

When ordering your man gold ID bracelet, it is important to know which type of print you prefer on your bracelet. In regular type, lower case letters can cause problems with spacing of rows, and being centered within the available space of a man ID bracelet. Lower case letters like "j", "y" and "g" dip too low on the ID plate for your man ID bracelet. If the name you choose has many lower case letters, the recommended way around this lettering-space problem with a man ID bracelet is to put the lettering in cursive or capitol letters.

Depending on the amount of money that you wish to spend on your man gold ID bracelet, you can buy at virtually any price point, either from local jewelers or from online merchants. The clasps on a man ID bracelet are always a bolt ring fastener, or trigger clasp. It is also especially important to measure correctly before purchasing your man ID bracelet. When you measure the wrist of your fellow, it is very important that you add one inch so that the fit is comfortable but not so loose as to fall off the man's wrist.

Caring for your man's gold ID bracelet is much like caring for any other metal collection. Try to avoid chlorinated water, and heavy duty cleaning detergents. Your man ID bracelet should be kept in its own separate cloth jewelry bag when not being worn in order to avoid the possibilities of scratches and discolorations.

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