Men's Bracelet Fashions

A man bracelet is a bracelet that is often over looked when looking to purchase a jewelry item for the man in your life. Events are often key milestones where a man bracelet can be a great gift idea for a man as a reward for exceeding a standard, for accomplishing a great achievement like a graduation or job promotion, or can just be purchased for the stylish looks that a man bracelet has in today's times.

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Men's bracelets can be constructed with precious metals including silver, sterling silver, gold, white gold, or titanium. A man ID bracelet includes yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver. Different carats of gold can be used either as a base, or as plating around the surface. A sterling silver man's bracelet can have the choice of 22K white gold plating, or even 18K yellow gold plating. The design possibilities are endless for man's bracelets.

Men's Bracelet

Most man cuff bracelet styles come with a very sturdy, dependable clasp. The clasps on most versions of men's bracelets are either a trigger clasp or a bolt ring fastener. In the event that you seek precious or semi precious gems to be embedded into your man bracelet, then a safety chain may be added.

Precious Stones Incporated Into Your Man's Bracelet

Many different types of precious and semi precious stones may be used to complete your man bracelet design. The more popular stones used in a man bracelet are diamonds, sapphire, rubies, and even emeralds. These stones are very complimentary when inlayed into gold and white gold. Many other precious stones may be used including pearls in order to further personalize your man bracelet.

There are many different chain types that may be used in order to customize the length of your man bracelet. These chains offer versatility, and can be made in larger sizes as needed. Some chains for your man bracelet include close curb chain, beveled curb chain, figaro chain, ring chain and box chain. To a large extent the final price for your man bracelet is directly related to its material weight, following a general rule that the heavier bracelet costs more than the lighter ones. The heaviness of a piece of jewelry is always associated with money, and your man bracelet will look exceptionally good if precious gems like diamonds are embedded into the links.

Caring for men's braceleta is much like caring for other silver and gold jewelry. Always be very wary of chlorinated water and heavy cleaning detergents. If you participate in a job that requires heavy lifting, it is recommended that you remove your man bracelet before participating. These types of activities may cause damage , and result in repair cost.. A simple jeweler's cleaning cloth may be used to shine and buff your man bracelet to have it looking it's best.

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