A Custom Beaded Mother's Bracelet

Discover the range of fashionable styles in mother's bracelets. Select a custom or beaded mother's bracelet in sterling sillver, plus add special charms to further personalize your gift for your favorite Mom.

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A World With Mother's Bracelets

Do you ever wonder what to get your mother, wife or grandmother for her birthday, holiday, or Mother's Day?

Buying a mother's bracelet - also called a mommy bracelet - may be the best gift you could ever give her. A mommy bracelet is a one of a kind bracelet that not only is beautifully made and appreciated, but involves her children, making it a personalized item. By definition, all mother's bracelets are custom made. When you order your mother bracelet it will be a one of a kind design.

Mother Bracelet

Design choices in mother's bracelets are wide ranging. You can select precious metals such as a sterling silver mother bracelet design or , instead, go rustic with the endless possibilities of beaded mother's bracelets. Don't forget also that your motheer bracelet can also carry charms, and/or the name of children. A mother bracelet is a treasured keepsake that will be cherished. In a similar vein, a grandmother bracelet is loved by every grandma!

Now-a days, the gift of a mother bracelet has become increasingly popular. A mother bracelet moves outside pure fashion trend because your children's names and birthstones are not functions of style, accordingly are never out of style to wear. A mother bracelet is more than just a bracelet; it is a personal, emotional connection to your children.

Precious Metals And Designer Options In Mother's Bracelet Designs

A mommy bracelet is offered with different choices of metals. 14K gold and gold plating is a commonly used item with the creation of a mother bracelet. Silver has recently become a popular metal, and metals like .925 sterling silver and white gold are now also being offered.

A beaded mother bracelet has the names of her children on each strand of the design. Each letter in each name is on a gold-filled sterling silver or gold block bead. Around the letters is where the creativity and beauty of the mother bracelet comes in. Beads ranging from Bali beads, crystal, and glass beads are used. For more fun and color in your mother bracelet, glass lamp work and glass fire beads are recommended. These glass beads for the mother bracelet are a nice touch instead of the usual gold or silver.

A more classy and elegant look to the mother bracelet is solid sterling silver in a series of linked ovals. Each of the six linked ovals has enough room for a name under seven characters. The sterling silver mother bracelet is perfect for any occasion, whether beaded or not. The sterling silver mother bracelet bears a strong resemblance to an ID bracelet by general shape and design, however carries a richer deeper sentiment associated with family members.

Another form of the mother bracelet is the box link mommy bracelet. The box link mother bracelet can either be boxes or hearts, depending on your style preference. Spaces for the box link bracelet can have 24 to 36 characters depending upon the size that you order. Diamond separators and birthstones may also be added into the mix for your genuine mother bracelet.

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