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Learn about modern aqua-culture and the availability of stunning pearl bracelet designs. See freshwater and mother of pearl bracelets with high luster and rainbow coloration, available from online jewelers specializing in great service and low everyday pearl bracelet prices.

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Getting The iridescent Pearl Bracelet

The iridescence of a pearl bracelet amazes most viewers. Fortunately, freshwater pearl bracelets(which are the gemstone for all persons born in June) are valued treasures that are organic in nature, accordingly being naturally produced in the oceans without undue fear of supplies vanishing. A freshwater pearl bracelet is a very precious gift to give to your loved one, and to appreciate for a lifetime. There are many styles of pearl fresh water bracelet, and it is important to know about pearl quality before buying.

Pearl Bracelet

Value Keys To The Best Pearl Bracelet

There are five main points to look for when venturing into the market for pearl bracelets. A cultured freshwater pearl bracelet should be examined for luster, orient, surface, shape, and color. These points are very important to the purchase of your pearl bracelet because the slightest detail or nuance drives prices "through the roof", or opposing nuances can greatly detract from the value of the bracelet.

  1. Luster: The luster of a pearl bracelet should be very reflective. The light should seem to reflect sharply off the surface of the pearl bracelet. The more "shine" in your pearl bracelet, the higher quality it is. This is because that the thicker nacre (pearl layers around the nucleus) generally results in the higher luster.
  2. Orient: Orient of a pearl bracelet is important but rare in most cases. The orient of a pearl bracelet is whether or not the pearls on the pearl bracelet have a rainbow- like coloration when moved in the light across the surface of the pearl.
  3. Surface: The surface of a pearl bracelet is important to examine closely. Heavy blemishes detract from the value of a pearl bracelet. However, if the luster of the pearl bracelet is very high, blemishes become unnoticeable.
  4. Shape: When determining which pearl bracelet you wish to purchase, the shape of the pearls is important to look at. The most valuable shape for a pearl bracelet and other jewelry is "round". However, due to the naturally occurring "irregularity" or fractal quality of mother nature, less than one percent of the time pearls are perfectly round. Asymmetrical shaped pearls are called baroque pearls. Baroque pearls are more common and more affordable for the creation of a pearl bracelet than for other jewelry.
  5. Color: The color of a pearl bracelet is classified into major groups containing white, pink, silver, cream, gold and black. Sometimes, on the surface of your pearl bracelet, there is a secondary color called overtone, which can be either gold in color, or peacock green, which is rare.

Pearl bracelets can be set within 14K gold, silver or even leather.

Australian South Sea pearls are exceptionally beautiful. These are wild oyster pearls and have a thicker nacre coating, creating a deeper luster when displayed in a pearl bracelet. By contrast synthetic growing environments result in the Akoya cultured pearls which have a production rate that is one hundred times greater than wild pearls. Meanwhile, freshwater pearls used in your pearl bracelet have an induced growing rate which is one thousand times greater production than the naturally occurring growth rate for wild pearls.

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