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Consider the sophistication and value of a platinum bracelet rather than simple gold. Custom design man's and diamond platinum bracelets designs from online jewelers noteworth for their great designer ranges, full services, and lower prices.

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When trying to decide on the wrist jewelry that's right for you, always consider a platinum bracelet. Not only is a platinum bracelet naturally a beautiful gray/silver color, but also platinum's weight creates a much more heavy and substantial-feeling bracelet than does gold. A platinum bracelet is durable, sturdy, and dependable over a long user life. These qualities make platinum an ideal choice for setting diamonds or other precious gemstones into a finished platinum bracelet.

Quality Markers When Selecting A Diamond Platinum Tennis Bracelet

Platinum Bracelet

For tennis buffs, a cooler-than-cool concept is to give your doubles partner a diamond platinum tennis bracelet. When purchasing any diamond platinum bracelet, whether for tennis or some other sport, always look for a mark that says it is a true platinum bracelet. The way to know if your platinum bracelet is real, is to look for platinum jewelry marked 900Pt, 950 Plat, or Plat. On your platinum bracelet, this mark will most likely be seen near the clasp.

Sizing for a man's platinum bracelet follows the anatomy and larger wrist and hand sizes of men when compared with the lighter-framed women's frame. Before lashing out for a "surprise" man's platinum bracelet, work out some practical means to obtain and accurrate wrist circumference measurement, then allow approximately 1-inch so that the fit will be comfortable.

The atomic symbol for platinum is "Pt". Platinum is similar to gold, in terms of history. Man's platinum bracelet designs have been discovered in archeological digs dating back to Egyptian times when it was seen as indicating high social status to own platinum. Platinum was also mined in Central and South America around 100 BC. When seen by the Spanish conquistadors in South America, they called the metal "platma", or "little silver". Today platinum is more valuable than gold, and has surged in popularity within the last 200 years.

Nearly 1/3 of today's mined platinum is for jewelry which at the category extremes includes platinum diamond bracelet designs originating in Paris and Tokyo. The Japanese purchase 85% of the platinum used for jewelry such as a platinum bracelet. Platinum's appeal in jewelry is based on its unique white luster. Platinum is the strongest precious metal; it is twice as heavy as 14k gold. Your platinum bracelet contains six-alloyed metals. These elements are platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium. Today a modern stylish platinum bracelet can be alloyed with copper and titanium. Platinum used in fine jewelry is 90% to 95% pure, largely hypoallergenic, and tarnish-resistant metal.

The initial uses for platinum were limited due to its hardness which physicists refer to as its unique atomic weight. Platinum is a very hard metal that has a high melting point, making it a difficult metal to work with. In today's times, platinum is crucial to the automotive industry. Every car in the US has platinum in their catalytic converter, which reduces emissions.

How to take care of your platinum bracelet: Caring for you platinum bracelet is very important. You must always keep your platinum bracelet clean and safe. The best way to store your platinum bracelet is to keep it in a cloth bag, a small Ziploc bag, or in it's own compartment in a jewelry box. If you happen to own a platinum diamond bracelet, it is important to check the diamond settings periodically, as diamond attracts grease and oils and dust rapidly. When checking the platinum bracelet, you should look for damaged prongs, or bezels. If the damages are evident, you must take your platinum diamond bracelet to a professional jeweler immediately.

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