Q-Ray Bracelet Healing Properties

Have you seen infomercials about the famous q-ray bracelet on the television? If you have, then you have every reason to be interested. Q-ray bracelet designs are unique, and they can with certain people provide healing which other jewelry products cannot match.

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A q-ray bracelet balances yin and yang (male and female) energies, creating a balance within the body, making it easier to feel relieved without access stress.

Your q-ray bracelet not only gives 100% towards bodily healing, but also has the ability to provide energy and stamina to those people presently lacking in energy.

Q Ray Bracelet

Learn how many people have sensed an increase in energy and stamina and psychological well-being after wearing a Qray ionized bracelet. See online jewelry experts who can give you fitting advice, a wide product selection and great prices.

Fashion Statements With Qray Bracelets

The styles of your q-ray bracelet vary. The more money you are willing to spend, the better the qray bracelet is for you in both comfort and attractiveness. There are three main series offered to those interested in their qray bracelet. The first style of q-ray bracelet is the Natural Series. The second style is the Standard Series, which has the Gold and Silver Standard. The last series of q-ray bracelet is the Deluxe Series, which offers lightweight and flexible form as well as sophistication in appearance.

To use your q-ray braclet, you have to follow specific directions; you cannot just put your q ray ionized bracelet on and expect it to work immediately. When you first receive your q-ray bracelet you have to place it on your right wrist with the two spheres facing upwards. The two sphere may be ½" to 1 ½" apart. If no difference is felt within the body after 24 hours, switch your qray bracelet to the left wrist, with the two spheres facing down. Keep in mind that sometimes when you switch wrists when you are not supposed to, there can be a mild side effect of a slight headache. In this case, switch your q-ray bracelet back to where it originally was placed.

When you first receive your q ray bracelet, there are some precautions that you need to keep in mind. The first is that no metal is to come in contact with your qray bracelet, for it will make it less effective. This means not putting your healing bracelet in your pocket with coins or other metals, and not putting it in a jewelry box with other metals.

Your q-ray bracelet should be worn all the time, including sleeping and exercising. Don't wear it in salt water or swimming pools, for the chlorine may affect the plating. However, you may wear your q ray braclet during bathing. Q-ray bracelets must not be worn if you have an electronic/medical device much as a pacemaker or if discomfort occurs while using an electric blanket, magnetic products, or tanning beds. When it comes to cleaning, anything may be used from polishing cloths, dips, or warm water and soap. Your qray bracelet has the ability to last as long as 36 months, depending upon your body's PH balance, but users tend to replace their bracelet after each year.

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