Rosary Bracelets For Faith

Express your faith and capture important biblical quotes on your rosary bracelet. Tasteful yet unique rosary bracelets designs offered in precious metals such as gold and silver or beaded with charms. Online jewelry experts to guide your selection with great service, product range and low prices.

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Rosary Bracelet - Your Alternative Faith Expression

Have you been looking for a way to evidence your religious and spiritual basis without having to wear your conventional rosary? Consider a rosary bracelet as an alternative means of expressing your belief. Not only does a rosary bracelet maintain the meaning of the rosary, but also it can be worn to any function and with virtually any outfit you select. There are different styles of rosary bracelet including beaded crystals, chains and wrap around rosary bracelet styles. A rosary bracelet is an unique piece of jewelry that says a lot about a person. A rosary bracelet is also a conversation piece because it is not just for fashion, rather has meaning and depth behind it.

Rosary Bracelet

As your research will confirm, each rosary bracelet offers unique differences but also some common features. The primary difference in the rosary bracelet is in materials choice. A popular design is the sterling silver rosary bracelet, with the crucifix either placed at the end of the rosary bracelet or integrated through the body of the bracelet.

Design Choices In Rosary Bracelets

The beaded crystal rosary bracelet offers an elegant way to wear faith jewelry. The rosary bracelet base itself is offered in many different styles. These styles of rosary bracelet metal include sterling silver, sterling silver with 22K gold plating, and 14K gold. The standard size crystal on each rosary bracelet is 7mm, and comes in many different colors. These colors for the crystal rosary bracelet can be anything from emerald, to multi-colored, to garnet.

The wrap-around version of rosary bracelet is a very innovative style choice. A nice plus to the wrap-around rosary bracelet is that one size carries the flexibility to fit all wearers. These wrap around rosary bracelet items are very fashionable as well as religiously functional. The rosary bracelet wrap around can be created with either precious or semi-precious stones or gemstones. Some of these semi-precious gemstones used in this bracelet design include turquoise, pearl, rose quartz, hematite, malachite, amethyst, and lapis.

Rosary bracelet charms can be selected for aesthetic balance as well as the ability for each charm to carry an unique religious saying or biblical quote special to you and your faith.

The chain version of rosary bracelet is a daintier version that you might consider. The chain rosary bracelet is a single chain with the miraculous metal at the end clasp, leaving the crucifix to act as a charm. These rosary bracelet chain items come in many styles, including silver, gold, platinum, and white gold.

Determining sizing for your rosary bracelet is very simple. When measuring your wrist, add 1" to the actual size of your wrist to ensure a comfortable fit. For the small size rosary bracelet, your wrist should measure approximately 6". For a medium size design , your wrist should measure approximately 7". For the large size faith models, your wrist should measure an estimated 8". For the extra-large size rosary bracelets, your wrist should measure approximately 9".

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