Ruby Bracelet Designs With Diamonds and Tennis Motifs

Learn about online ruby bracelets designs for men, women and youth. Imagine a dark red ruby tennis bracelet or combination diamond ruby bracelets customized to your wrist size and fashioon outlook.

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Setting Options For Ruby Bracelets

Rubies have been always prized gemstones, and rightfully so. A sparkling ruby bracelet is not only stunning, but is also recognized as a unique gemstone attracting respect and appreciation. Styles of ruby bracelet vary greatly for the setting as well as the underlying quality and coloration of ruby gemstone. A tennis ruby bracelet is a wonderful addition to any collection of tennis jewelry that you own. Importantly, you need to know how to choose the right ruby bracelet for yourself or your loved one.

Ruby Bracelet

Internationally, different regions within Asia act as the principal ruby distributors found in your ruby bracelet and other jewelry designs, with each resource location reflecting an unique and particular characteristic such as differences in color and quality. A ruby bracelet from Burma would be a top quality ruby with a clear, deep red as the coloration of the gem. A ruby bracelet from Thailand would range from having a very dark red color to a brown red colored ruby. A ruby bracelet from Sri Lanka would be a medium light colored ruby, and a ruby bracelet from Africa would most likely be a purple red color.

Ruby diamond bracelets taken your fashion statement to yet another level of sophistication. Rubies of comparable size to that of a diamond carry market values and prices greater than the diamond because of the rarity of larger rubies for jewelry designs like a large ruby and diamond bracelet or ring.

Creme De La Creme - The Star Ruby Bracelet

It is possible to get special star rubies for your ruby bracelet. A star ruby is a rare formation within the ruby itself. The orientation of needles intersecting within the ruby creates a star or explosion effect. A star ruby bracelet has breath taking effect, especially where the rubies are rich in coloration, and with the right cut to accentuate the underlying brilliance of the gemstone.

Rubies for a ruby bracelet and other jewelry are not particularly hard to find, but rubies that are quite large, and high quality are rare finds. Minerals deposits bearing a sapphire stone and ruby share the same mineral base called corundum. Identifying this mineral formation allows mining engineers to consistently predict new sources of gemstones necessary to the ruby bracelet and sapphire bracelets you may be buying. In terms of every day use, your typical ruby bracelets rank in hardness just below that of a diamond.

In terms of cultural tradition, for many centuries the Burmese compared a ruby to fruit. The redder the ruby bracelet equated to the riper and more valuable the ruby would be to sellers and buyers. So if the ruby bracelet was not dark enough in color it wasn't considered ripe, and if the ruby bracelet was flawed in some other way, the ruby was consider over mature.

When cleaning ruby bracelets, you should always use hot soapy water to remove dirt and grease. If it is too difficult to reach small spaces within your bracelet setting, then an old toothbrush may be used to scrub the ruby bracelet and to remove accumulated dirt or grease.

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