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Sapphire Bracelets - Setting Options With Precious Stones

The beauty of sapphire bracelets is breath taking for wearer and admirer alike. One setting option by virtue of its unique color and feature is the diamond and sapphire bracelet which draws considerable attention from friends and admirers. For this reason, you will find that many sapphire bracelet fashions are set in, or around diamonds because of the gem's contrasting blueness. Importantly, your sapphire bracelet will be quite simple to care for. Many actresses are wearing the newly popular sapphire bracelet and sapphire jewelry because of its pure and astonishing beauty.

Sapphire Bracelet

Pink sapphire bracelets offer a striking color presentation when placed within a 14K gold setting. Equally eye-catching are the rainbow sapphire bracelets designs where you project a chevron of wide-ranging colors from your gemstone. For more subdued fashion statement, you might select a blue sapphire bracelet design for evening dress and formal occasions. These styles of sapphire bracelet in the blue form are complimented well when paired with diamonds, or other gems with no colorations. A blue sapphire bracelet stands out on any skin tone, and is flattering as well as enhancing to any dress or fashion item that you wear.

Creating Your Personal Fashion Statement With A Colorful Sapphire Bracelet

Sapphire bracelets can be designed to compliment many fashions. Sapphires can be designed into any type of jewelry, to always create a dazzling impression. A sapphire bracelet can have sapphires set in a bangle style bracelet, or even embedded in a link bracelet along with other gems, or white, pink, rainbow sapphires.

However, a sapphire is unique in the way that a sapphire bracelet does not have to be blue, rather can project virtually any color of the spectrum. These colors can be yellow, purple, violet, mauve, black, white, green, pink or rainbow. A fancy colored sapphire bracelet is the epitome of individualism. It's no wonder that the more elaborately colored and set sapphire bracelets designs can demand high prices and a loyal following of devotees.

Historically, the earliest record of sapphire mining is in Sri Lanka. During these earlier times, the sapphire stone was considered the power of wisdom. Common belief was if the wearer of a sapphire faced any obstacles, then the sapphire would help that person find a solution. Sapphire was considered a very important gem. It was also believed that the earth was embedded in a large sapphire stone because the colors of the skies could be compared to the different shades of blue within the sapphire.

A sapphire tennis bracelet is a sound investment for you to make because, unlike other gemstones used for bracelets, the hardness of a sapphire is second on the hardness scale, just below a diamond! Sapphires are very tough, and it is rare for a sapphire gem to break, or chip due to wearing.

Caring for your sapphire bracelet is much like caring for other jewelry. When applying lotions or foundation makeup, take off your sapphire bracelet to avoid tarnish. When it is time to clean your sapphire bracelet, wash your sapphire bracelet in hot soapy water, and rinse thoroughly to avoid any skin irritations. An old toothbrush may be used to really clean, or get to those hard to reach places, such as under prong settings.

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