Sterling Silver Bracelets

Make a fashion statement with sterling silver bracelets from your jewelry collection. Learn about styles of sterling silver charm bracelet including man's cuff designs as well as name and ID bracelets in silver. Online jewelry stores provide detailed advice and fitting service, broad product selection, and low prices.

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Sterling Silver Bracelets - A History Of Popularity

Sterling silver bracelet designs remain as popular today as they were two thousand years ago. When considering buying a sterling silver charm bracelet or related jewelry, you can verify the quality and authenticity and whether it is actually sterling silver or just a silver plating. The mark "Sterling" is usually imprinted onto the back of your sterling silver bracelet.

Silver Bracelets

A sterling silver charm bracelet is a good choice when choosing jewelry. A sterling silver charm bracelet can function as a fabulous design compliment for gemstones such as rubies, sapphires or emeralds. . For example in the men's fashion segment, a sterling silver cuff bracelet is compatible with a variety of settings and styles. Similarly if you're looking for an additional technique for "personalizing" your jewelry,then a sterling silver ID bracelet, or a silver mother's bracelet with Mom's name inscribed will be perfect. These man's sterling silver bracelets such as the cuff designs are generally affordable and will meet any budget level.

Style Options For Your Sterling Silver Bracelet

A silver ankle bracelet is designed to fit all sizes and styles and budgets. Timeless amongst jewelry items, a sterling silver bracelet remains in style regardless of the year. Even with newborns, consider a sterling silver baby bracelet for your baby to wear when out with you and continuously attended.

A silver bangle bracelet can add drama, sexiness and sophistication to a person. Silver is also associated with healing powers which include the benefit of improved circulation, detoxification of blood, balance of hormones and chemicals, and potentially improved nerve impulse action.

The chemical symbol for silver used in your certified sterling silver bracelet is "Ag", which is the Latin abbreviation for Argentum. Silver was first mined in the region today known as Turkey according to archeological records. Additional archeological evidence shows that silver was also extracted from other Middle East regions around 2500 BC, as well as the use of silver for cups, bowls and dishes by Chinese designers during the Tang Dynasty in 1600.

Silver used in sterling silver charm bracelets is a soft metal that is ductile, malleable and a good conductor of heat and electricity. When used to make jewelry, such as a sterling silver bracelet, its material strength is improved by mixing the silver with copper in a 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper mix. In Mexico however, silver jewelry and sterling silver bracelet is a 95% silver, 5% copper mix, making it more valuable, but less durable than US standards of silver product designs.

Large deposits of silver are found today in Mexico and Norway. In the US however, silver is found in abundance in Colorado, Nevada and Utah. Silver has served many purposes in history, such as its use as money, for eating utensils, in photography, the production of mirrors, and silver bracelet jewelry.

How to clean silver: To avoid tarnishing, small cloth pouches may be used to protect a silver bracelet, along with a small zip lock bag, or a separate compartment in a jewelry box. When cleaning your silver bracelet, never follow the myth of using toothpaste, for it contains small, abrasive granules the scratch the silver bracelet. Silver in sterling silver bracelet reacts to sulfur and sulfides. Never allow your silver bracelet to come in contact with egg yolks, for it will react to the sulfur dioxide. Another chemical to be wary of when cleaning you sterling silver bracelet is chlorine. Always remove your silver bracelet before entering a pool, for it will tarnish black over time.

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