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Create a personal fashion expression with slide bracelets designed in gold, sterling silver or leather. See wide-ranging name and charm slide bracelet designs, offered by online jewelry stores along with fitting and selection advice and everyday low prices.

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Slide Bracelet Designs - From Victorian England To The 21st Century

Have you ever wondered where the famous slide bracelet originated? The slide bracelet is not only a contemporary 21st century fashion statement today, but also made a high water fashion and status statement in the Victorian era between 1837 and 1901. Today the antique loveliness of a gold slide bracelet is well appreciated by wearers conscious of the bracelet design origins 170 years ago. The long lasting design ubiquity is not a surprise to most industry observers who consider that the gold slide bracelet now offers a more contemporary version that contains the same ideas and cleverness of the Victorian era.

Slide Bracelets - Unique Engineering And Clasp Design

Slide Bracelet

In comparison with the usual mundane and run of the mill bracelet, slide bracelets function in a very different way. Overall, the typical slide charm bracelet consists of two strands that are connected to a main clasp. Instead of limiting the bracelet to the designer's views alone, the slide bracelet offers a touch of personalization that many other bracelet designs fail to provide you. Each charm slide bracelet has horizontal holes that carry though the slide charm at the top and at the bottom. The slide bracelet is designed so that the slide charm strand is threaded through the bracelet slide charm, thus revealing many dazzling options for you.

There are many designer options for you to consider when choosing your slide bracelet. When wearer identification is important, select a name slide bracelet design where your details can be inscribed discretely.

Slide bracelets have the advantage that they can either look antique or contemporary, depending on whichever slide style you choose. The antique style of gold slide bracelet contains more of a gold look incorporating use of precious and semi-precious stones. The contemporary style of leather slide bracelet is based upon more lettering and personalization which takes an altogether different design direction to the old age Victorian style of antique slide bracelet.

The antique charm slide bracelet is generally based on 14K gold in order to be set into gold slide bracelet chains. Within the 14K gold product range, the charm can contain semi precious stones, which include sapphire, opal, tourmaline, sapphire, topaz, ruby, onyx, diamond, and many more including pearl. The semi precious stones increase the overall classy look, reducing the 14K gold to an important backdrop role to accentuate the gemstone.

The contemporary slide bracelet design projects a quite different appearance. To start with, instead of having a gold chain you can select the more contemporary version of leather slide bracelet or even substitute other base materials such as plastic or rubber wristbands as alternative material choices.

The charm slide bracelet for the contemporary also includes silver and can offer a more personalized look than the antique versions, because of the presence of lettering and accent charms. Care for your slide bracelet as you would all fine jewelry, with frequent cleaning, without use of abrasives, avoid oils, and protect your jewelry with individual storage bags.

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