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Tanzanite bracelets are precious gifts, and more so today than the 1960's. View the white gold and diamond tanzanite bracelet designs offered by online jewelry retailers who can guide you with fitting, models, and great prices.

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Resurgence In Popularity - Tanzanite Bracelets

Tanzanite bracelet styles, and other jewelry were a very sought after item during the 1960's and the early 1990's. The demand for tanzanite bracelet styles, earring, and other jewelry like pendants, kept rising despite the fact that the mines were unable to supply to meet the market demand. Tanzanite has beautiful, breath taking coloration that is very difficult to be matched through synthetic industrial processes. Few colors can match the marvel of a gleaming tanzanite bracelet.

Tanzanite Bracelet

In terms of consumer tastes and value points, a blue tanzanite bracelet is considered to be more desirable than a purple tanzanite bracelet. A blue tanzanite bracelet will typically carry a higher price than the purple tanzanite version. By today's rank of tanzanite, the distinction between purple and blue no longer affects the price of a tanzanite bracelet.

Adding sophistication to your jewelry collection consider a diamond Tanzanite bracelet design. You'll look both unique and elegant, plus your jewelry will retian its value for years to come. Comparable to diamonds in elegance and fashion expression are white gold Tanzanite bracelet designs, which provide an elegant backdrop of contrasting colors and textures.

African Origins For Your Tanzanite Bracelet

In Tanzania, Africa, the stone used for your tanzanite bracelet was discovered in the 1960's. The Tanzanian government promoted the gem, and soon prices began to rise dramatically. By the early 1990's, the miners had to dig so far under the ground that the overall extraction process had become high risk and dangerous to workers. Accordingly, the mines in Tanzania responsible for your tanzanite bracelet closed operations after the 1998 Tuscan jewelry show. Heavy rain flooded the area, and caused sections of the mines to cave-in, resulting in the death of several dozens workers.

At present, local Tanzanian workers refuse to enter the mines, forcing mine management to import foreign laborers to mine the tanzanite necessary for processing into tanzanite bracelet products produced around the world. Despite worker deaths and related worries, people are still demanding the production of the tanzanite gem as birthstones in order to satisfy consumer demand for jewelry like the beautiful tanzanite bracelet.

When first extracted from the mines, the tanzanite gem for your tanzanite bracelet is primarily a brown color. After removal from the ground, the tanzanite bracelet gem is treated under high temperatures. Tanzanite is heated to seven hundred degrees Celsius, after which a color change occurs. The once brown colored stone turns into a brilliant purple and blue color. It is very rare, but some times a tanzanite bracelet gem can change to green instead of purple and blue.

This distinction no longer occurs because of the scarcity of the mining of tanzanite, and the closing of large mines in Africa's Tanzania.

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