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Singles play, doubles play or just a night out will create a fashion splash when you wear diamond tennis bracelets. See the contemporary platinum or sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet designs offered online. Get fitting advice, look over wide product selections, and get everyday low prices while online.

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Need a gift that says I love you with brilliance? A diamond tennis bracelet fits the bill to perfection. A 14K diamond tennis bracelet defines a woman, and gives her the utmost sophistication. On any social benchmark, a diamond tennis bracelet is the ultimate gift, whether it is for a special occasion, or just for celebrating another day together. A cubic zirconia tennis bracelet is an exquisite treasure within itself, and is a meaningful symbol of appreciation. Any woman will adore a fanciful diamond tennis bracelet to add to her collection of jewels.

Tennis Bracelet

Design Option For Your Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond tennis bracelet designs are plentiful, making your choice easier than ever before. For example, each tennis cz bracelet made has beautiful diamonds embedded into the links, and can vary in the amount of diamonds, the cut of the diamonds, and the quality of gold chosen. Yellow gold and white gold are the choices for the main part of your diamond tennis bracelet, along with sterling silver. The sterling silver tennis bracelet can either be all sterling silver, or filled with gold, depending on you choice. No matter what you choose, a diamond tennis bracelet goes with any outfit so it is appreciated every day.

Step up with a fashion statement that includes a sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet. You'll obtain an even larger color pallette to match your evening dress choice. In place of yellow or white gold, consider a platinum diamond tennis bracelet for a more sheer etheral look of silvers and light.

When choosing your 14K diamond tennis bracelet, it is important to inspect the bracelet carefully, and know how to care for jewelry. While wearing your diamond tennis bracelet, do not let it come in contact with chlorine bleach, for chlorine causes damage and discoloring to the mounting of the gold. Store it in a fabric lined jewelry bag, or a box with dividers. Your diamond tennis bracelet may be worn anywhere, as long as it is not in the shower, because soap causes a film to emerge overtime causing your gold to appear dull, so try to keep your diamond tennis bracelet in a dry place at all times. Lastly, bring your diamond tennis bracelet to a jeweler once a year to check for loose prongs and wear mountings. Tennis bracelet lengths run between 5" to 9".

When maintenance-inspecting your diamond tennis bracelet, make sure that the joint and hinges operate smoothly, and the mechanisms work well. When looking at the clasps, the more recommended and reliable clasp is the die-struck clasp, rather than the cast claps. The die-cast clasp is a better quality because it is not round in shape, however possesses retain springs, and is not soft like the cast clasp tends to be.

The last thing to look for on your diamond tennis bracelet is a second or back-up locking device. Make sure, for your safety and security, that there is a figure eight clasp or a chain to catch the tennis bracelet if it were to come free.

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