Beaded, Silver, Gold And Italian Charm Watch Bracelets

Select a watch bracelet from the many online styles. Choose an Italian charm watch bracelet and select precious metals such as gold or silver. Online jewelry specialists to guide you on sizing and fitments, designs, and offering continuously low prices.

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A Watch Bracelet For Special Occasions

If you own a watch yet it does not fit the occasion that you're attending, then a watch bracelet may be just right for you. A watch bracelet is a stylish way to wear your watch while still having a timepiece on you. There are many different styles of watch bracelets, and the materials used can vary greatly, but the outcome is always completely satisfying.

Watch Bracelet

Virtually all watch bracelet designs include the timepiece and a decorative band. Sometimes these bands on the watch bracelet are something other than a metal, like leather or reptile fabric, but they usually are either sterling sliver or some combination of jeweler's metals such as silver and gold. The gold watch bracelet is offered with different finishes such as 14K gold, or a sterling silver center with 22K gold plating. Leather is also very popular when it comes to a watch bracelet. The leather on a watch bracelet can be it's natural color, but some prefer the leather on their watch bracelet to have some color.

After the band style and material is decided, the next important area to look at on your watch bracelet is if you would like semi-precious gemstones, or precious gemstones to be incorporated into your watch bracelet. The visual results are stunning from the use of these gem stones and precious metals for your watch bracelet. Gemstones ranging from turquoise to diamonds can be integrated into your watch bracelet design. Another style of band for your watch bracelet is to have a beaded watch bracelet. The beaded watch bracelet design s a funky way to wear your timepiece. A truly unique, and unusual way to wear your watch bracelet, is to have circular links with pictures inside, ranging from cats and dogs, to ocean vessels.

For extended style and expressiveness, consider a watch charm bracelet, where you can attach any number of additional Italian charms to the band along with your timepiece. Individual charms can carry images, names of your children or even act as an ID.

For the most part, a watch bracelet is meant to distract the eye from the timepiece itself. That "cover up" design concept has lead to truly ingenious design formulas to mask the timepiece itself so that the overall impression is of a bracelet. Some watch bracelet carriers may still carry a version of watch bracelet that actually has a cover that hinges over the timepiece. When closed, the watch bracelet looks like conventional wrist jewelry to somebody else's eyes.

Another version of the watch bracelet results in the elimination of the traditional links, creating instead a watch bracelet in a bangle style. The bangle style watch bracelet is a solid circular shape that can be decorated around the band in any fashion. The non-solid band version of the bangle watch bracelet looks beautiful, especially with geometric shapes throughout.

A watch bracelet has the ability to enhance any outfit and any occasion. Wwatch bracelets also carry that practical utilitarian benefit in that it tells time when you need to know. Why not wear your timepiece with stylish elegance?

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