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Animal jewelry makes a perfect gift for a pet lover. Animal totem jewelry is especially popular. Search for nature theme jewelry in silver or gold . Look into wholesale options.

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Animal jewelry is a beautiful way to show your love and appreciation for a certain type of animal.

Many styles of animal jewelry are available - popular motifs include the butterfly, cat, dog, dolphin, frog, horse and many more. Each design is made for the purpose of being appreciated by the wearer of the jewelry. Animal jewelry is the perfect gift for an animal lover of any species.


Animal jewelry has many different styles. The more popular nature theme jewelry seen today is made of metals such as sterling silver or 14K gold, and can also be plated with gold, in the form of rings or charms.

Animal totem jewelry in the shape of charms and pendants are beautiful. These charms and pendants can be produced to appear still, or even in motion. Some amazing examples of animal jewelry in motion are the running horse pendants, and leaping frogs. This same motion style of animal jewelry can also be applied to the dog and cat versions of animal jewelry, but are not seen as often. Animal jewelry can be very noticeable when worn in the form of earrings - and can either be studs, or dangle earrings. Gems may also be imbedded into your animal jewelry, or hang down to add length or attraction to an earring.

Animal jewelry is wonderful because it allows the product to evolve into something unique. Animal jewelry in the form of rings is a very popular item these days. Many animal lovers will choose to have their favorite animal on a ring of their choice. These jewelry rings have many different styles. If choosing an animal for your ring, the possibilities are many. The ring design can be anything from a frontal view of a dog, multiple dolphins wrapped around the ring base, frogs playing leapfrog, and cats curdled up.

Animal jewelry can also be a different and fun way of expressing ones love of animals. Other styles of animal jewelry include picture bracelets. These styles of pictures bracelets are separate links that may either be circular or box shaped, but has a laser printed animal inside. Each laser print is covered with a glass cover so that no damage may be done. This is a colorful and playful way of wearing your animal jewelry.

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