Pearls – How To Select The Best Pearl

The right pearl or set of pearls accentuates serenity and tasteful eloquence. Get information on how to select the right pearls so you can feel confident and beautiful wherever you wear your pearl jewelry.

The quality of a pearl depends on many factors such as shape, size, color, luster and surface condition. Whether you're looking for a pearl necklace, pearl earrings or even loose pearls, read on to learn the basics for choosing the best pearl.

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What Makes a Pearl Perfect?

 Shape – Pearls generally come in three shapes; spherical, symmetrical and baroque. Spherical pearls are the most desirable of the three. They are also the rarest and most expensive. Symmetrical pearls include teardrop shaped pearls and other balanced pearls. Symmetrical pearls are well sought-after, however, typically less expensive than spherical pearls. Baroque pearls are irregular shaped pearls and fall at the end of the list. They are the least desirable and least expensive of the three.

Size – Pearl size is more of a personal preference than anything else. Depending on the type of jewelry it is going to be used for, smaller or larger may be a better choice. Yet, larger pearls are rarer and more expensive.

Color – Color is very important when looking for the right pearl. The most desired color is a white pearl with a tinted rose overtone. Rarity of color determines the price and desirability. Cream colored pearls are more available and therefore less expensive. Also, color and tone intensity play a role in pearl evaluation; darker toned pearls are more sought-after than those of lighter persuasion.

Pearls come in many colors besides white as well; natural colors such as blue, gold, pink, green, grey. Black pearls in particular are very popular. However, beware that some of the more expensive colored pearls such as black and gold varieties may be dyed, so be sure to have them checked by a professional before you make a decision.

Luster – Luster is an enormously important quality to consider when pearl hunting. Luster is more than a pearl's shine; it is a deep reflection of light from within the pearl. True luster is radiance, fake pearls are shiny but emit and artificial look.

Surface Condition – When searching for the perfect pearl you also need to examine the condition of the pearl's surface. Blemishes, dents and scratches are undesirable and decrease the value. The best way to rate surface condition is to examine the pearl under high and low intensity lighting.

Take these factors into consideration when searching for the perfect pearl. Much of the decision making process depends on personal preference and taste. But if you follow this basic outline you can narrow down the field so you can shop with the confidence that you will find the best pearl.


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