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The Alpine Living Air Purifier helps clean the air in your home. Find Alpine Living Air specials, plus qualify for no charge shipping in the US. Locate the best ozone air purifier and filters for your home.

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How Important Is Your Alpine Air Purifier?

The importance of clean air provided by your Alpine air purifier is underscored by the fact that the average person consumes approximately 62 pounds of air in a given day. Your breathing process is the "gateway" into your body, making each of us vulnerable to manufactured contaminants as well as to biological dangers such as allergens, bacteria, viruses and so on. Alpine air purifier designs are merely one of several strategies that families and businesses should carry out in order to improve breathing air safety standards.

Alpine Air Purifier

* Air Quality, The Government And The Tobacco Lobby. Air purification legislation targets the tobacco lobby; especially the "second hand" cigarette and cigar smoke which has been shown to be cancer causing for both smokers and standby persons. Air purification advocates argue that they should not be subjected to obtrusive and unhealthy second-hand smoke while dining in a public place.

Producing Ozone Within Your Alpine Air Purifier

Alpine air purifiers simulate a naturally occurring process that takes place outdoors each and every day. Alpine air purifiers produce ozone (O3), which is a naturally occurring atmospheric gas, which in its nature state provides protection to the planet from deadly solar radiation.

The Alpine air purifier utilizes a design which slow-releases incremental quantities of the highly reactive ozone molecules into the air. These newly created ozone molecules catch a ride on indoor air currents and quickly become uniformly distributed throughout your room.

Alpine Living Air Purifier Technology Review

The ozone molecules created by your Alpine air purifier unit bond with air borne contaminates and effectively neutralize them, with the result that your room's air is now cleaner and safer for your family.

* Filterless Air Purifier. In design and operation, the Alpine air purifiers does not use an air filter, therefore eliminates an important cost item associated with buying replacement filters. By eliminating replacement filters you reduce the total lifetime cost of your air purifier, without limiting the results and benefits that you're seeking.

* Cost Benefit Summary. When committing to your Alpine air purifiers, your initial purchase becomes your first and last payment. For most families, the elimination of follow-on costs for replacement air filter components creates a solid argument for picking the Alpine air purifier.

* Dealing With Home And Office Pollution. Increasing evidence of rampant air pollutant levels within home and office spaces backs the need for your Alpine air purifier. The air purifier argument even has the indirect backing of the EPA whose studies demonstrate that the level of indoor air pollutants may be 2-5 times higher than outdoor air pollutants. Also, your Alpine air purifier speaks to your health safety when you consider that during the winter month's indoor pollutant levels can reach 100 times that of outdoor levels due to the effective "sealing" our houses. Alpine Air Purifiers will provide you with fresh clean air, allowing you to breathe more easily and to develop a stronger respiratory system.

Air purifiers are being designed in different ways, utilizing different scientific principles in order to make the air cleaner. In terms of industry response to both consumer interest and legislative intent, the Alpine air purifier provides a perfect example of a product developed through use of innovative technologies. If you're committed to air safety, then you should look to an Alpine air purifier as a proven and safe technology. For manuafacturer direct information go to or dial 800.927.2192

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