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American Air Filter offers the highest quality filtration and purification to help bring better air into your home. Find dust collectors and air filters - all sizes, all the time.

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Market Leader American Air Filter

American Air Filter International is one of the world's largest manufacturers of air filtration products.

American Air Filter International produces products ranging from the actual air purifier system to the air filter medium. No matter what form of air cleaner you're seeking, American Air Filters can outfit you. As a world leader in air filtration products, American Air Filter International products will meet any room air cleaner requirements.

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* Wide Technical Capability With American Air. In terms of technical capability, American Air Filter International supplies the air purification industry with AstroCel II plenum filters, e-PTFE filters, TM-ducted modules, grid systems, fan filter modules, and other accessory items. The Kentucky-based air purifier company, American Air Filter International, can satisfy any of your home air purifier needs.

* Satisfying Americans' Indoor Environmental Concerns. As you may know already from first hand experience, Americans are having growing concerns about indoor air pollutant build-ups caused by varying sources from bacteria and contaminants to the very "air tight" designs of the buildings themselves which limit circulation. Accordingly, you realize the importance of identifying the best air purifier for your home or workplace.

* National Trends Reflected In New York City. American Air Filter International products have a great track record for air safety and air purification in commercial venues such as restaurants and bars, particularly in light of new indoor smoking laws passed.

To evidence this air purifier trend, March 2004 marked the one-year anniversary of New York City 's ban on smoking in restaurants and pubs. City officials utilized their legislative powers to establish an unprecedented regulation for indoor air pollution. Indoor air purification has gained public awareness due to growing health concerns associated with indoor air pollutants, such as cigarette smoke. American Air Filters have long been a top choice for places of business that are trying to maintain the highest level of air purification standards.

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American Air Filter International has recognized the growing demand for air purifiers and other associated air cleaner products, and has maintained a leading position in the research and development of air purification technologies.

* Domestic And International Impacts. New York City is not the only location where local officials are actively pursuing higher indoor air purification standards. States ranging from Delaware to Maine as well as nations such as Ireland , have also enacted indoor air purification standards for places of business such as bars and restaurants.

* What Sort of "Stuff" Is Eliminated? American Air Filter International products eliminate the many elements of indoor air pollution, including allergens, dandruff and dust, asthma triggering irritants, cigarette and cigar smoke, germs, viruses and bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi, odors and chemical fumes. Whether you are searching for a home air purifier, an air purifier for your workplace, or just a single room air purifier, American Air Filters provides you with sufficient options to consider. Considering the fact that on average a human consumes only 4.4 pounds of water a day compared to the daily intake of 62 pounds of air, the necessity for clean air and an ample indoor air purification system is all too evident. Whether you suffer from respiratory ailments or not, utilizing a home air purifier system will result in a vastly cleaner indoor air environment.

American Air Filter International air purifier products should be a consideration for any family commited to home air quality and can be found online at

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