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Wide Market Demand For Biozone

Biozone air purifiers remove indoor airborne pollutants in home and office environs. As more research data is generated, then the demand for biozone air purifiers significantly increases.

* Biozone Photo Plasma Technology. In terms of operating design, the Biozone air purifier utilizes a photo-plasma method of air purification. Photo-plasma method of air purification relies upon ultraviolet light in order to excite ambient gases contained by the air purifier unit, which can be steadily released into your room's air. The resulting excited gases form airborne gaseous plasma that delivers a killing impact on nearly all organic airborne contaminates, making the Biozone air purifier an especially effective air purifier.


Biozone Air Purifier

Biozone Air Filters - More Features:

* The Core Biozone Design Concept. The underlying technology of the Biozone air purifier is worth understanding before you go out and purchase a unit. Essentially, this design "alters" oxygen in order to create an airborne oxidized "free radical" similar to ozone. These oxidized "free radical" particles created by your Biozone air purifier react with other organic airborne contaminates and convert most to harmless carbon dioxide and water.

* Home, Office And Factory Success For Biozone. The air purification technology used by Biozone air purifiers has proven highly effective in a range of home, office and factory settings. For example, Biozone air purifiers are used in US military facilities and other federal installations. Meanwhile, domestic retail models are available to the general public along with high capacity commercial models for business and factory environs.

* Market Demand And Government Intervention. The demand for the Biozone air purifier is the direct result of industry and governmental research into sources of indoor air pollution. For example in 1995, the EPA issued a statement to the U.S. Senate declaring, "indoor air pollution is now our nation's number one environmental health concern." Other industry pundits point to sick building syndrome as the direct result of improved buuilding and construction technologies. Considering that the average person inhales approximately 62 pounds of air a day (which, in terms of volume, is fourteen times the daily 4.4 pounds of water consumed) highlights the widespread need for air purifier systems to offset air contaminates and pollution.

Consumer demand is one factor, which explains the increased research and production of air cleaner and air purification products. Adding to consumer demand for Biozone air purifier systems are new enforcement regulations, which have been adopted in order to prohibit excessive indoor air pollution within public venues such as bars and restaurants.

* Second Hand Tobacco Smoke. The main target of this new air purification legislation is the tobacco industry by way of "second hand" cigarette and cigar smoke. Throughout the country, cities are adopting tougher air purification standards and forcing bar and restaurant owners to consider air purifiers and other air filter products in order to meet the new standards. Air purifiers, such as the Biozone air purifiers, are on the leading edge of air purification technology development.

Air purification producers have met consumer demands by utilizing different science-based design concepts in order to filter contaminates out of indoor air environments.

Bottom line, air cleaner filter systems are your strategy to create and then maintain healthy indoor air environments. When completing your research into air purifier design that best suits your needs, look to the highly effective Biozone designs.

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