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Your electronic air purifier works on the principle of electrostatic attraction, which is the attraction of positively charged airborne particles to the negatively charged air filter.

* Filters Are The Key. An electronic air cleaner design is based upon filters composed of electrostatic surfaces. Each of the electrostatic air filter media can be produced in order to carry a static charge. The static charge applied to your electrostatic air filter is directed onto plastic fibers, which, with the friction of passing air over their surface, generate and then hold a static charge.

Electronic Air Purifier

Your electronic air cleaner and its newly induced static charge creates a strong attraction surface for incoming airborne particles, most of which will be captured. In overall design terms, an electrostatic air filter is loosely woven, providing less resistance to air flow yet still effectively trapping the smallest of particles.

Electronic Air Cleaners - Health Benefits

* Proven Clinical Results. Major health benefits from the use of electronic air filter products were proven in research conducted in Southern California . Unless air was passed through an electronic air cleaner, the UCLA and USC researchers discovered that microscopic airborne particles taken into the body by regular breathing could disrupt the functioning of cells within the human body.

This discovery provides a possible explanation of how indoor air pollutants can harm the human body. The observed airborne particles were so small that they could easily bypass the body's defense systems. This alarming finding reiterates the dangers of airborne contamination that we are exposed to when in indoor spaces.

* Major Brands To Consider. Major brands with in-market and online service and sales back-up include Sears, Honeywell, Trion amongst the leading firms offering electronic air cleaner and purifier products.

* Cost Benefit Analysis. How do you calculate your "total costs" for your electronic air cleaner unit? An electronic air purifier delivers its greatest value by saving your current and future health and your money associated with air contaminant risks.

Meanwhile at the product-choice end of your planning process, it's important to factor in the costs of replacement air filters before proceeding with the purchase of your electronic air cleaner. In order to calculate initial costs, you need to be aware of the baseline cost of your electronic air cleaner along with the subsequent replacement costs of electrostatic air filters. Bottom line, your purchase of an electronic air purifier includes present costs, which are offset by future health dollar savings.

Electric Air Cleaners Maintainance Review

* Scheduled Maintennance Guideline. How does your air cleaner unit work over time and how easy is it to maintain your filter? Scheduled maintenance for your electronic air cleaner unit is simple to perform. The design for most electronic air purifier systems requires that the negatively charged receptor plates or filters act as the primary sticking surface for the airborne particles. The better your air purifier works, then the more dust and particles will accumulate over the filters.

* Benefit Of Regular Cleaning. As you now realize, an electrostatic air filter works very well at collecting very small particles from the air. However, as dirt and contaminants collect along the surface of the filters, your electrostatic air filter will become less efficient. With this in mind, you must regularly clean your electronic air cleaner in order to maintain maximum air purification effectiveness at intervals of at least once per month or earlier according to the manufacturer's instructions.

* Long Life And FIlter Replacement. How can your electronic air cleaner life be extended? Product lifetimes can be prolonged by thorough and regular cleanings. You'll want to periodically replace your electrostatic air filter with a new filter. A good rule of thumb is to change or replace your air filter element of your electronic air cleaner once a year. Replacement of your electrostatic air filter on an annual schedule presumes regular cleaning as necessary; otherwise an air filter replacement will be required before the year is completed.

Your decision to utilize electrostatic air filter technologies will improve air quality in your home and office. Meanwhile, your electronic air cleaner lowers health risks associated with exposure to airborne contaminants. Look for products with long warranties, great online pricing and low shipping.

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