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The Holmes air purifier product line answers the growing demand for air safety in America . Interest in air purification is the outgrowth of growing awareness about air pollution, which has attracted serious discussion in schools, in the media, with public advocacy groups, and the government itself. Along with other competitor technologies, the Holmes air purifier product line offers proven performance in air purification tests along with exceptional value.

Holmes Air Purifier

* Managing Allergies, Asthma And Sick Building Syndrome. Holmes air purifiers have experienced an increased public acceptance due to scientific evidence establishing the "link" between human respiratory system illnesses and the increased levels of air pollution present in home, office, and factory environments. If you or your family suffers from asthma, then a Holmes air filter can provide the clean air necessary to avoid the respiratory irritation, which precedes an asthmatic attack.

* What "Stuff" Does Your Holmes Air Cleaner Attack. Research findings evidence the growing need for home air purifier systems to counter allergens, dust and pollen, asthma triggering irritants, cigarette and cigar smoke, germs, viruses and bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi, and chemical fumes. Indoor air pollution is complex and nasty business, and the underlying the health risk factors must be clearly understood by the product technologists responsible for air purifier designs.

Holmes Air Purifier - Features

* Holmes And HEPA Technology. With over a decade of engineering success behind them, Holmes air purifier products offer consumers a wide range of options in terms of air purification capacities and price. Holmes Air Filters utilize HEPA air purifier technology.

* Holmes Air Filter Advantage. The Holmes air purifier technology is based upon a tightly woven media filter. The underlying technology utilized by Holmes Air Filters was originally developed by the Atomic Energy Commission during the Second World War in order to inhibit discharge of airborne radioactive particles from the exhausts of nuclear reactors. Over time the Holmes and HEPA air purifier technology introduced air purification concepts into industrial, medical, and military settings.

Assessing Your Environment For A Holmes Air Purifier

* Indoor Pollution Exceeds Outdoors. Do you need a home air purifier? How safe is your home's air when compared to ordinary "outside air"? As your research into home air cleaner systems will confirm, recent EPA (Environment Protection Agency) studies have underscored the need and value of home air purifier units due to research findings revealing that levels of indoor air pollutants are three to five times higher than that of outdoor pollution levels.

* Government's EPA Bottom Line. In 1995, the EPA argued on behalf of the need for home and office air purification through use of air filter products in a statement, which concluded, "indoor air pollution is now our nation's number one environmental health concern."

* Sick Building Syndrome. Better-designed buildings have created a pressing need for home air cleaner systems. With the increase in design and materials technologies related to the building and insulating of buildings, indoor air spaces are more efficiently sealed off from outdoor air environments, "trapping" airborne contaminants and creating 'sick building (and people) syndrome".

* Efforts To Control Tobacco Smoke. From these design successes a more serious health problem arises, calling for solution in the form of air purifiers. Another factor contributing to the rise of air purifiers in public places has been the increase of new legislation that is cracking down on cigarette and cigar smoking within public places, such as bars and restaurants. The recently adopted statutes, such as smoking bans in New York City and even the nation of Ireland , underscore the value of air purifiers and other air cleaner products. With scientific findings and new legislation combined, the emergence of more air purifiers is only beginning.

The air purifier product line by Holmes offers you performance, safety and economy. Holmes air filter products should be high on your product review list when considering your air purification needs. Look into holmes.com for up to date product information on designs including the tower and mini tower series, HEPA models, ionizer filters and more.

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