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The Honeywell Air Filter product line has developed a reputation for delivering safe, clean air, which is the growing need for "inside" environments in homes, offices and factory settings in America . Additionally, the Honeywell Air Filter products reflect highest standard of engineering design and operating reliability when you install a unit in your home.

Honeywell Air Purifier

* Improved Home Designs = Indoor Pollution Rise. The technologists at Honeywell Air Filter company understand full well the rise in the popularity of air purifiers due to the advances within building and insulation technologies over the last 30 years. Essentially, we are able to more effectively "seal off" indoor air environments now, thereby creating the need for an air filter or other air purification product.

* Honeywell Air Filter Attacks Foreign "Stuff". Your Honeywell air filter is able to eliminate the vast majority of air pollutants within your home or office environment. Your Honeywell Air Filter will reduce and/or eliminate airborne contaminants including mold, along with chemicals given off by paints, cleaners, glues, pressed board furniture, pesticides, and of course, cigarette and cigar smoke.

* Educating The Public In Indoor Pollution Matters. Popular demand for Honeywell Air Filter products has risen due to school education, media coverage, and proactive legislative initiatives. For example, air purification advocates have targeted cigarette smoke as the root of recent controversy regarding new smoking bans in the States of Maine and Delaware as well as New York City and even the nation of Ireland . Current legislation supports a growing trend in support of higher air purification standards. In the past few years, many cities across the US have adopted air purification laws prohibiting smoking within bars and restaurants and other public venues.

Honeywell Air Filters & Air Purifiers - Features

* Harnessing Proven HEPA Air Purification Technology. By operation and design, Honeywell air purifiers contain HEPA air filters, which consist of tightly woven media filter fibers that filter minuscule particles out of the surrounding air. The Honeywell Air Cleaner HEPA filters are 99.96% efficient at removing particles from the air that are as small as 0.3 microns in size.

* How Much Breathing Matters? What you experience and what the Honeywell Air Filter product engineers know is that the average person inhales 3400 gallons of air a day, meanwhile 90% of their time is spent indoors. As those "breathing environment" factors converge, you create the necessary conditions to justify your investment in an air purifier system, or suffer the health consequences.

* Managing Asthma And Foreign Particle Risks. By forgoing the presence of an air purifier, you leave yourself more prone to respiratory irritation. This may be of important consideration for people suffering from asthmatic symptoms because air purifiers have the ability to remove the airborne contaminants that induce an asthmatic attack. Any Honeywell air filter will certainly improve the quality of air you breath by reducing airborne pollutants.

* The EPA's "Bottom Line" On Indoor Pollution. To evidence the trend exploited by Honeywell air filter company, the EPA in 1995 issued a statement in support of air purifier use and general air purification improvement to the U.S. Senate declaring that "indoor air pollution is now our nation's number one environmental health concern."

* Honeywell Exceeds Industry Standards. Importantly in your product review process, Honeywell air cleaners meet and exceed the air purification standards set by the American Lung Association for air purifiers. Honeywell air purifiers, and other Honeywell air filter products, exhibit a solid performance record according to independent consumer product review experts. In the "Portable Room Air Cleaners Physician Study" conducting by Riter Research Inc. in 1998, Honeywell air filters and air purifiers were named the number one choice by physicians.

Get additional product information at or review the extensive product line-up within the Honeywell proprietary Enviracaire, Quietcare, Silent Comfort, and Honeywell air filer replacement products.

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