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Hunter air purifier and air cleaners remove indoor pollutants, meet government air quallity standards and are economical.

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Hunter Air Purifier And Your Clean Air Needs

* Clean Air Trends Sweep America. Hunter air purifier products join a growing trend advocating air purification legislation, which is sweeping the United States . The result is growing popularity and presence of products such as Hunter air purifiers and Hunter air filter products used in homes and offices.

* Targeting Polluter Such As Tobacco. The increase of air purifier use is a direct effect of new air purification standards enacted for public places such as bars and restaurants. The main target of the air purifier use has been cigarette and cigar smoke, which has been prohibited in many bars and restaurants since the adoption of the new legal statures. Recently, New York City marked the one-year anniversary of its new tougher air purification standards. The city has experienced a number of complaints from smokers, but has gained overwhelming support from people supporting air purifier and air filter use, who argue that they have a right to breathe fresh clean air.

Hunter Air Purifier

* Hunter Air Cleaners Remove Bad "Stuff". Despite new legal trends supporting air purifiers, there have also been significant scientific findings which highlight the dangers of indoor air pollutants such as: smoke, pollen, dust, allergens, chemical fumes, and pet dander. In using a Hunter air filter to remove these airborne indoor air pollutants you'll greatly improve the quality of the air that your family breathes.

* Managing Asthma Risk Factors. An air purifier becomes an important consideration for anyone suffering from asthma or similar types of ailments, because the presence of an air filter can act to reduce the contaminants that trigger an asthmatic attack.

* "Sealed" Homes Leading To Sick Building Syndrome. The Hunter air filter engineers and technologists understand well that the building and insulation industries have undergone vast technological advances within the past thirty years. Lacking some meaningful form of air purifier system, our homes and living spaces are now "sealed" off from outdoor air environments. Indeed, most people spend 90% of their working and living time indoors, which increases their risks from unsafe air.

Hunter Air Purifier - Features & Advantages:

* Proven HEPA Technology In Slim Elegant Designs. By design and operation, Hunter air purifier utilize a HEPA air filter technology, which reflects the leading edge of air purification technology. As you view more closely the design concept, the HEPA air filter designed into the Hunter air purifiers is composed of tightly woven media filter fibers that can separate out or filter airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size. Astoundingly, the Hunter air filters are 99.97% efficient at removing airborne particles from your room's air. Honeywell's HEPAtech product line, with over six models to choose from will meet any room size needs you may have. HEPA technology results in your Honeywell air cleaners distributing millions of negatively charged ions into the air, which act as magnets to attract and then neutralize particulate matter and airborne contaminants.

* Federal EPA's Report On Indoor Pollution. Your best "point of use" strategy is to utilize air purifier technology throughout your home and working environments. To evidence this national trend in deteriorating air quality standards, the EPA in 1995 issued a statement supporting air purifier use to the U.S. Senate declaring, "indoor air pollution is now our nation's number one environmental health concern."

* Reducing Allergens, Chemicals And Tobacco Smoke. States such as Maine and Delaware , along with the nation of Ireland , now advocate for air purifier usage to counter chemicals, naturally occurring allergens, as well as "second hand" smoke from cigars and cigarettes, and where such offending sources are now banned. Hunter air filter products conform to these new and strict environmental standards, processing huge volumes of potentially contaminant-rich air into clean safe air for you and your family.

At present, legal trends and scientific findings underscore the need for you to use some form of air purifier strategy in your home and work environment. Regulatory changes combine with media coverage to spike demand and growth in the air purification technology marketplace. Responding to this growth trend are the Hunter air filters and Hunter air purifier product lines.

* Quiet Continuous Operation To Deliver Results For You. In addition to your Hunter air purifier operating efficiencies, you'll discover that your Hunter air filter is small, quiet and highly portable; a perfect air purifier for the home.

When purchasing an air filter or other air purifier product, it's important to consider the Hunter air purifier product line. Go to for additional product technical details on the Hunter Quietflo and HEPAtech lines.

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