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An ionic air purifier traps dust on easy-to-clean metal plates. Very effective and affordable way of providing your family with complete air purification, filtration and clean air.

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What Ionic Air Purifiers Give You

* How Your Ionic Air Purifier Works. The ionic air purifier is a unique design that breaks from traditional air filtration design concepts. The ion air purifier works on the principle of electrostatic attraction to draw unwanted contaminants to surface areas such as couches or rugs rather than allow these particles to be breathed.

* Ionic Cleaners Handle Large Volumes Of Air. Perhaps the strongest benefit associated with your ionic air purifier is its capability to handle significant volumes of air. Accordingly, you can develop practical strategies for placing an ionic air purifier unit in key rooms around your house or office.

Ionic Air Purifier

* Removing Bad "Stuff" From Your Air. Unlike the limitations of a simple electronic air cleaner, your ionic air purifier will neutralize viruses, bacteria, cigarette smoke, and chemical fumes. These health benefits can be important factors for persons suffering from a depressed immune system or from respiratory related irritations associated with colds, viruses or emphysema. The sheer air volumes processed by your ionic air purifier create the next major user-benefit area to consider, especially when you need to create room-size air purification rather than merely a small localized space.

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* How The Ionic Air Cleaner Operates. By operation the ionic air purifier produces a "spray" of invisible negative ions from a small needle-like point usually located on the top of the air purifier. These negatively charged ions release into the room's air and naturally circulate until they are uniformly distributed within your air space. Your ionic air filter produces a steady stream of negatively charged ions, which then attach themselves to surrounding positively charged airborne particles.

* Creating The Clean Air "Black Wall Effect". Here's where it gets interesting for your ionic air purifier. The entire airborne target "stuff" gets bombarded with ions from your unit until these particles change their natural charge from positive to negative. These targeted and now-negatively charged airborne particles would attach themselves to any positively charged object within the room space, such as a couch, television, or table. The ionic bonding induced by your ion air purifier creates the "black-wall effect" where "stuff" that was floating around in the air becomes re-located onto the surfaces of walls, furniture and so on. You can be sure that your ionic air purifier is working for you if you see the "black-wall effect", proving that "dirty" can be "good" when dealing with your air purification needs.

* Removing The Smallest Particles. Though your ionizer air cleaner unit will leave the exposed surface areas of a room dirty, these air purifier designs remain highly effective at removing large amounts of indoor airborne particles. Viewed technically, your ionic air filter can remove the ultra-fine (as small as 0.01 microns in size) airborne particles from your room's air, leaving you with the knowledge and comfort that you've dramatically improved breathing air quality for yourself and loved ones.

* What The Ionic Air Cleaner Doesn't Collect. Though viewed as a highly efficient air purification system, your ionic air purifier is not the full-proof "Silver Bullet" to meet all your needs. For example, an ion air purifier can remove much of the airborne particle content from your room's air, yet your unit does nothing about "collecting" these particles, resulting in a fine silt of dirt developing on the surrounding furniture and wall surfaces.

* Oders, Viruses Germs And Fungi Continue To Live. Odors remain impervious to air treatment by your ionic air purifier. Similarly, your ionic air cleaner won't kill all viruses, germs, or fungi (though it does remove them from the air). Last, airborne suspended chemicals also appear to be out-of-bounds for your ionic air purifier, in terms of its technical capabilities. These few weaknesses of ionic air purifiers can be easily counteracted by combining its duties with that of another air purification product, such as the HEPA air filters or an ozone generator.

Ionic air purifiers are a proven technology with great health benefit properties. Properly used alone, or in combination with other air purifier technologies, your ionic air cleaner can become your home's "air doctor".

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